14 Best Games To Learn Coding For Students

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Computer programming is an essential skill for younger generations. With tech products growing at an exponential rate, it is vital that students learn coding at a young age.

Whether students want to become good programmers when they grow up or simply want to learn programming to increase their computer knowledge, coding offers young minds many benefits. When kids decide to learn to code, their brains start to develop from a very young age.

To assist kids on how to learn to code in a fun way, as well as complete their programming assignment, there are a number of games listed below.

Coding Games For Beginners

Code Karts

Platforms: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free

Code Karts features a race track that is made out of logical puzzles. Kids have to solve puzzles in order to win the race. It has over 70 different levels and two gaming modes. All students will find this app fun and entertaining.

The game has a dynamic coding environment, which students will appreciate.

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire

Pricing: Free

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar is an interactive game that introduces students to the realm of programming.

The game features a caterpillar that needs to be fed and kept alive by solving logical questions. This aids in students’ number recognition and problem-solving abilities. Each level increases in complexity as the game progresses.


Platforms: iOS

Pricing: $74.95

The Bee-Bot is an interactive game that helps students with coding skills and sequencing capabilities. The app has 12 interactive levels, which progressively get challenging as the user moves on. Each level has a timer and great rewards.

Students may also improve their directional language with this game. The graphics of this game are also vibrant, set in a garden to stimulate young minds.

Best Coding Games

CodeSpark Academy

Platforms: iOS/Android/ Kindle Fire/ Windows

Pricing: Free

This app has several programming puzzles, projects, games, and printables that students can use to bring their programming skills to life. This app has won awards for teaching coding to more than 20 million students in 200 countries worldwide.


Platforms: Browser, iOS

Pricing: Free ($29 for unlimited version)

Educators and parents use Kodable all over the world. This online resource simplifies computer programming topics into simple concepts for everyone to understand.

All materials are mentioned in the lessons and improve students’ communication, critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

Through such interactive games, students can form a love of learning lasting a lifetime.

Scratch, Jr.

Platforms: iOS/Android/Kindle Fire/ Chromebook

Pricing: Free

This game will help students program their own games. In addition, it will expose students to math concepts, improving their numeric skills. The app was created for younger kids to help in their cognitive, personal, emotional, and social development.

Move the Turtle

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: Free

Move The Turtle is an Apple app that teaches kids how to create programs through an interactive turtle. Students will plan complex activities, utilize previous knowledge, use sounds and graphics, and much more. They will also go through the concepts of variables, loops, and conditional structures.

Games To Learn Programming

Are you browsing ‘do my coding assignment?’ These games will help.


Platforms: Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Pricing: $6.99 (app), $26.95 (PC and Mac)

Minecraft is a widely popular game among children and youngsters, with currently over 100 million registered users. Minecraft includes placing blocks to make structures and objects and going on adventures. But in reality, it is so much more than that. The beauty of Minecraft is that it helps children in creating limitlessly, improving their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.


Platforms: iOS/Android/Chromebook

Pricing: Free

Regardless of a student’s past programming knowledge, Tynker is an immersive game that renders programming approachable and entertaining for young people. Kids have the opportunity to compose interactive stories, alter Minecraft, control drones, and learn other STEM concepts using simple graphic blocks that are used to construct games. In addition, Tynker can be used offline without an active internet connection. Students explore projects developed by other youngsters and upload their own projects with the Tynker network while playing this game.


Platforms: Browser

Pricing: Free

Scratch is a computer language and online network where kids may learn the fundamentals of programming and proceed to more complex subjects and ideas. Students can improve their coding skills by using engaging activities, narratives, and animations, as well as their imagination, logical abilities, and project management skills—all crucial traits for employees in the twenty-first century.


Platforms: Browser

Pricing: Free

Even if youngsters have no prior computer science background, CodeMonkey offers various perspectives that will aid in their development and let them evaluate their education. Another advantage? Children who learn to code develop the logic, rational reasoning, imagination, and problem-solving abilities necessary for success both today and in the future, while also learning about IT.

Goldieblox: Adventures in Coding

Platforms: iOS

Pricing: Free

Kids will enjoy creating the people that populate the village, and they’ll pick up all the fundamentals of programming in the meantime. In this activity, Goldie, and Ruby attempt to deliver cakes, but they require assistance in obtaining driving instructions. Girls will find inspiration in this adventure as it demonstrates that anything is possible.

Osmo Coding

Platforms: iOS + game system

Pricing: Free

Osmo Coding is a practical learning game that links the computer to actual coding blocks. Students can insert their iPad into the Osmo platform, which senses objects positioned before it, and use the interactive game system. The amusing figures in the app are then taken on a fun trip using the instructions they have created using the programming blocks. Osmo Coding is a simple and fun approach to learning the fundamentals of coding, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.

LEGO Mindstorms

Platforms: iOS, Android

Pricing: Free

The addicting puzzle game LEGO Mindstorms: Fix the Factory pushes students to develop their logical reasoning, visual intelligence, and robot-directing abilities. It is packed with surprising barriers and original difficulties. Kids will learn the fundamentals of coding while racing against time as they assist a robot in moving through a facility. Additionally, there are rewards for finishing the task with the greatest score, turning it into an entertaining game rather than just a teaching aid.

A Final Word

These were some of the games that teach coding. Such programming games for beginners will help students learn the basics of coding in an

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