Amanda the Adventurer Brings Nostalgic Horror to PC with April Release Date

Renowned indie horror publisher, DreadXP, has announced the launch date of Amanda the Adventurer, a found footage-style horror game with an edutainment twist. Developed by MANGLEDmaw Games, the game will be available on PC via Steam from April 25th, 2023.

In the game, players will take on the role of Riley Park, who inherits their Aunt Kate’s house after her death. As they rummage through the attic, they come across a box of VHS tapes containing episodes of a long-lost children’s show featuring Amanda the Adventurer and her loyal sidekick, Woolie the Sheep. While the videos seem innocent and educational, with the duo exploring and learning about the world, a creeping feeling emerges that something in the tapes is watching back.

The game features several play-along, laugh-along, and learn-along episodes that offer a unique take on analog horror. Players will discover animated tapes that reveal a progressively unsettling story, all under the guise of a welcoming children’s cartoon. The game boasts classic 90’s-style CGI graphics that evoke nostalgia in full force, bringing back the familiar format of characters who interact directly with the viewer.

Amanda the Adventurer combines horror with edutainment and a touch of nostalgia to create a unique gaming experience. The game’s throwback to the 90s’ era of animation will appeal to gamers who grew up in that time, as well as those who enjoy horror games with a twist. With its intriguing story, the game promises to deliver a unique and memorable experience to players.

Gamers who love a good scare should mark their calendars for April 25, 2023, to get their hands on Amanda the Adventurer. The game is set to be a fun-filled, yet spine-chilling experience that will leave players wanting more.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Andriod

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