2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris inspired game ‘ELEA’ is now out on Steam®

The surreal sci-fi game ELEA has set off into space today with an updated version on Steam®. The first-person storytelling adventure focusses on humanity’s place in the universe, the nature of intelligence and the meaning of faith. The indie game’s colorful and fascinating graphics make for a story to get lost in. Kyodai, the developer of ELEA, got the inspiration for the game’s narrative from classic sci-fi writers such as Stanislaw Lem and Arthur C. Clarke. 

An improved version
Since ELEA first came out, the game has received significant improvements. With an abundance of useful feedback from the community, the developers haven’t been sitting around after its release. The game received many bug fixes, graphical improvements, and optimized gameplay flow among others. For the update on Steam, they’ve added over 200 tweaks and additions to the game. The team has also increased the movement speed and the clarity of ELEA. Numerous visual effects, assets and sounds have been added to the updated version. Furthermore, they’ve added new assets, upgraded the lighting and improved the interactions to make the mysterious world of ELEA look even more stunning in the first person perspective.

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