Month: December 2016

What a Year for VR—And There’s So Much More to Come

Posted by Oculus VR “2016 was not ‘The Year of VR.’ It was the year of the start of VR.” — Kotaku This year, we went from prototypes and dev kits to shipping consumer VR to the world. Millions of peop...

MLG Vegas Overwatch Top 5 Plays

MLG Vegas Overwatch Top 5 Plays

Composing Dark Star Thresh’s Music | Behind the Scenes – League of Legends

Behind the scenes look at the creation of Dark Star Thresh’s login music.  

For Honor – Three New Heroes Face Off in Tactical New Mode

The hulking Shugoki, the bruising Warlord, and the devious Peacekeeper show off their particular sets of skills and Elimination mode brings a new team combat dynamic to For Honor.  


Posted by by Giancarlo Varanini | Senior Communications Manager on Ubisoft Flying in a helicopter over Ghost Recon Wildlands’ version of Bolivia gives you a moment to take in the vastness of the world...

Mobius “Google Play Best Game 2016 – Most Beautiful Award” Developer Interview

Posted by Square Enix Developer Interview / Project Leader: Naoki Hamaguchi 1)    The “Welcome Back” campaign is currently taking place! What were the reasons for conducting this event? We hold these ...

Aussie eSports – 15 Questions with Legacy eSport’s Marcus Fonti

Marcus Fonti from Australian pro gaming team Legacy eSports’s tells us what he’d do with $1million, what he thinks of Dave Grohl, and why he loves killing DEVK in CSGO.  

BenevolentAI – Accelerating Scientific Discover With AI

BenevolentAI harnesses artificial intelligence to enhance and accelerate scientific discovery. With the help of NVIDIA DGX-1 AI supercomputer, they are able to yield scientific information much faster...

Tekken 7 – King of iron Fist Tournament 2016 Feature Video

Three fighters representing Europe traveled to Japan to participate in the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 Grand Finals, against players from all over the world. Watch part of their trip, training a...

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