24 Entertainment Developers Take the Deepest Dive Ever Into Behind the Scenes of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

In a new documentary, 24 Entertainment — the pioneering studio behind NARAKA: BLADEPOINT — reflect on where their inspirations came from, and how they built a game that would go on to sell over 10 million copies, completely changing the online action genre.

Something else you may not have known is that Viper Ning, the instantly recognizable face of NARAKA, underwent a dramatic makeover during development. In the documentary, 24 Entertainment reveal that their original mascot was a stoic swordsman, though the team wanted to shatter this stereotype and appeal to a wider international audience. By fusing the cinematic style of modern action games with the beauty of oriental aesthetics, the Blind Blademaster of West Yushan was born.

The developers also discuss the challenge of breaking into the battle royale genre, years after its original surge in popularity. Instead of thinking there was no hope, 24 Entertainment knew that this genre was a perfect fit for their unique blend of dynamic player movement and melee action, as Kwan explains. The shrinking safe zone forces players to fight and adapt instead of simply fleeing when their health is low, solving an age-old issue with multiplayer action games.

Not only would they need to breach an overcrowded genre, but the studio was also challenged to make their game accessible to a wider audience, something melee-focused games have always struggled to achieve. Revealing all, the documentary explores how NARAKA’s gameplay went through many iterations, from something one tester refused to even touch, to a point where its own developers couldn’t stop playtesting from their desks.

At its heart, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT has always focused on skill-based melee combat, allowing players to unleash their inner warrior; the team’s unrivaled passion for the action game genre is clear to see in its unique combat gameplay. It’s also here that 24 Entertainment showcases its incredible attention to detail, carefully studying martial arts techniques from around the world. In their pursuit for authenticity, they invited real Shaolin monks to their offices to provide motion capture fo

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