24 Hours Left to Back Black Book the Highly Successful Kickstarter Based on Slavic Lore

Morteshka is ecstatic to announce that with 24 hours left to go and the help of over 4400 backers they’ve smashed through their $130,000 stretch goal which adds Russian VO to the game. Now the big question is will they be able to add the card game Durak as well? With the current community momentum, all signs are pointing towards yes!

Mosteshka has also announced Add-ons. Backers can enhance their pledge and add a DLC Skin, the OST, a Digital Art-book, and purchase an additional key for the game at a drastically reduced price.

Black Book

Just to recap the following is the Russian voice acting list:

  • Aleksandra Kuragina — Vasilisa, Initiation Demon
  • Sergey Chikhachev — Old Egor
  • Aleksey Nikitin — Narrator
  • Evgeniy But-Gusaim — Thirteenth Brother
  • Ruta Novikova — Aksinya
  • Vladimir Veretyonov — Miller
  • Tatyana Argunova — Beggar woman
  • Konstantin Fedoseev — Voice from Intro clip

Players can get a sneak peek of these performances in the Prologue, available now on Steam. The team has also prepared a short video preview, available on YouTube.

Morteshka has been quick to react to player feedback and has already launched one patch for the demo that is playable on Steam. This first pass gave the character models an upgrade, squashed bugs, and gave the players the option to disable V-sync. Morteshka continues to welcome feedback to make sure the game is as good as it can possibly be even in these early stages.

Remaining stretch goals include:

  • $150,000: New Card Mini-Game: A brand new mini-game will be added to Black Book, based on Durak, a well-known Slavic card game.
  • $175,000: Create Your Own Story and Share It On Steam: Use in-game assets to create your own story using Morteshka’s custom editor (available after release). Share your stories on Steam Workshop!
  • $200,000: Downloadable Content – Free to Backers: Dive deeper into the world of Black Book with an additional story campaign following release. Join Egor for a new narrative in alluring winter Cherdyn.

The campaign will run until June 6th, 12:01 PM EDT.

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