2D puzzle-platformer Evergate now available for Nintendo Switch

PQube and developer Stone Lantern Games are proud to announce that Evergate is now available for Nintendo Switch! Following the feature on Nintendo’s Indie World showcase just now, the mythical 2D puzzle-platformer can be found on the eShop immediately!

Evergate will also release for PC on Steam later this year.

Gameplay and Puzzles

Guide the child-like soul, Ki, to the end gate in each level as you progress through this touching, heart-warming story set in the afterlife.

Fire your Soulflame at the crystals dotted around the environment and harness the mysterious powers they hold to aid your persuit of the end gate. Experiment with using your Soulflame on multiple crystals at once, to witness how their energies combine.

Each level has set bonus objectives. Clear them all to build your essence counter, allowing you to boost Ki’s abilities by unlocking ancient artifacts.

Up for a challenge? Each level in Evergate features optional conditions to make you rethink its puzzles.

Story and World

Dive into the touching story of two kindred spirits, guiding the child-like soul Ki on a journey through a beautiful and haunting afterlife. Reveal the memories of a life left behind, moving across time and space to uncover Ki’s mysterious connection to another soul.

Art and Music

Gorgeous environmental backdrops are paired with beautifully hand-drawn illustrations, bringing both Ki herself and Evergate’s environments to life through a dream-like art style. An elegantly orchestrated original soundtrack provides an enchanting backdrop to Ki’s journey, recorded by a live orchestra and tailor-made for each environment.

The hand-drawn characters come to life in Ki’s story.

Ki’s Lullaby

When Evergate composer Mike Miller’s daughter was born, he wrote a lullaby for her and even made a music box for it.

Now, two years on, the lullaby has evolved to become one of the central pieces of music in Evergate. Inspired in equal parts by Evergate’s main character Ki and by Mike’s daughter, it will be one of the first pieces of music you hear in the game.

Evergate is now available for Nintendo Switch and will release on Steam later this year!

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