57 Cool Gamer Tag Examples and How to Create Your Own

A cool gamer tag lets you stand out from other players. Not to mention that it can also be a great conversation starter in a game after another player notices it and asks about your nickname. 

The problem with cool gamer tags is that finding a unique tag that you like is a daunting task. Considering how many video game players there are worldwide, it feels like all the cool names are already taken. 

Nevertheless, despite the frustration, you can still find a suitable gamer tag that looks cool. If you lack the creativity to come up with some ideas, this article will come in quite handy.

Below, you will find what steps you need to take and examples of interesting gamer tags that can inspire you.

Step #1 – Use Personal Credentials

Making use of personal credentials is a possible approach. You can, for instance, use your initials as a foundation for the gamer tag. 

CJ, MJ, JS, or TD could be combined with other words and turned into something like CJ the Slayer or Spartan TD. 

Next, you can also add a number to the tag, like the year of your birth. JS91 or MJ88 are two examples.

Step #2 – Use Foreign Languages

A foreign language is another method to make your gamer tag stand out. Instead of English, why not try a more obscure language to replace a word or two in your nickname?

For example, if your gamer tag is WhiteCat, you can switch it to WhiteNeko. Neko is Japanese for cat. Or what about Latin? Instead of Dark Shadow, you could go with Tenebris Umbra. 

The more foreign languages and combinations you explore, the higher the chances of coming up with a truly unique gamer tag, since most gamers stick to the English language.

Step #3 – Use Humor and Popular Media References

An interesting reference to a popular movie or a TV show is a worthwhile consideration, especially if you are a big fan of the media piece yourself. 

For humor, you could also explore different ideas. Take shooter games, for instance. You could go with TooBusyReloading which is a reference to an excuse for why you died. And what about oxymorons? OpenSecret or Truthful Liar is interesting and has some humor to it. The latter is also a reference to the movie “True Lies.”

Cool Gamer Tag Examples

  • Curr3ntT4ng0
  • ZombieZac
  • ZebraZulu
  • ShiroKumori
  • JealousZombie
  • Zebu the Great
  • Fire Enjoyer
  • Pugna Igitur
  • RelievedReeya
  • ValuableGray
  • DistinctMulberry
  • BlackberryFrog
  • PerfumedWendigo
  • BeautifulBrussel
  • LuxuriousSea
  • HistoryAkter
  • RashlyBrave
  • DesignGarlic
  • CerberusSour
  • Bridge Mare
  • SlightCute
  • MotionlessDr
  • Belva Above You
  • Incoming Heal
  • Send Nades
  • Up and Below
  • The Darkest Light
  • Michael’s Tot
  • Dirt Octha
  • Status Razer
  • Depressed Elf
  • Too Blessed
  • H1pp0c4mpD3m0n
  • Gr4t3fulOsc4r
  • Lucky Puny
  • D14m0ndG0st4
  • Er0sQu41l
  • MemeTheMoon
  • Mighty Mike The
  • ThoughtfulThin
  • TrickyTiny
  • Terrific Tas
  • LimeLeek
  • WinterWaxed
  • Waterlogged
  • Wood Warui
  • Witty Wolfy
  • Green Gifted
  • GuyGambia
  • Unlucky Clover
  • GentleGrumpy
  • Alpha Ace
  • Academic Awful
  • Annoying Ant
  • Young Yeti
  • You Only Die Twice
  • Guy Incognito

Extra tip: Use Gamer Tag Generators

In case you struggle with creativity and cannot come up with a satisfying gamer tag, you still have the option to use gamer tag generators that utilize artificial intelligence to come up with gamer tags for you.

Some of the most notable gamer tag generators include SpinXO and Gamertag.net.

These generators will ask you to fill out the information to generate appropriate gamer tag suggestions. Your hobbies, specific words you want to include, symbols, numbers, and other preferences help the tools generate enough suggestions, out of which at least one will be a suitable new nickname you can use.

It has also become quite common to include unique symbols or use custom fonts for gamer tags. And that applies not just in video games, but also in gaming platforms, such as Discord or Steam.

Thanks to tools like Glyphy, you can turn your gamer tag into 𝕹𝒾𝖈𝓀𝖓𝒶𝖒ℯ or 🅽Ⓘ🅲Ⓚ🅽Ⓐ🅼Ⓔ. And if you feel like it, why not add symbols and make the nickname display as “←Nickname→”, for instance?


Finding a cool and unique gamer tag is no easy feat. Nevertheless, you should not feel discouraged. The examples and tips offered in this article ought to be enough to push you in the right direction and help you come up with a new gamer tag that you will love.

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