6 Must-Follow Arab Pro Gamers And Streamers

Not everyone in the world can have the chance to make money from something they love to do all the time. Getting paid to play your favorite video games is a stroke of luck that only comes once in a lifetime. While most people aren’t satisfied with their jobs, someone else in the world can be proud of a completely different job experience.

The Era Of Game Streamers

Ever heard about game streamers? They stand for a new category of people who make money from playing video games on specific online platforms. We all know that video gaming is a popular hobby for many people. However, while it only began as a pure hobby, it then became a sort of job. In the internet era, almost everything is possible, even getting paid for having fun with video games!

The world of game streamers isn’t only casual video gamers. There are also many eSports players from all corners of the world. A growing number from the Middle East. It’s easy to find and follow the best Arab streamers’ gaming activities. As with everything that has to do with money, there’s also a well-developed eSports betting industry.  Let’s say that you are passionate about soccer and want to try an online bet on your favorite soccer gamer. Now, you can do it directly from your sofa with just a couple of clicks.

Who Are The Best Arab Game Streamers?

If you wonder where today’s game streamers came from and how they started their activity, you are in the right place. First of all, none of them could know where they would get one day for playing video games. Secondly, Arabs video gamers seem to stand out in the worldwide pool of pro video gamers and streamers. Although American streamers still account for over half of the global streamers, Arab video gamers are rushing into it by emerging for their high-level gaming skills.

The Middle East region is the most flourishing area for the diffusion and growth of Livestream services. In particular, some MENA countries are working to form partnerships between local TV channels and gaming platforms companies. Don’t forget that Saudi hosts one of the world’s best esports arenas, a sign that eSports is on the rise not only in the UAE but also in the surrounding countries. As a consequence, many Arab pro gamers and streamers come from these countries:

  1. Ahmed Al-Maimani from Oman

  • He started streaming to make some money for getting a global scholarship in Bristol. Although he didn’t make any significant money by that time, he decided to go on anyway. Today, he’s arrived where he couldn’t even dream about having over 300,000 followers on YouTube and several collaborations with Activision, Ubisoft, Asus, and Logitech. Ahmed reveals that personal charisma helps more than using expensive tools for streaming.
  1. Jemeel Alturkistani from Saudi

  • He started streaming for fun: it was a way to make new friends for playing video games. Over time, Jemeel’s interests in streaming expanded, and the same thing happened to his payments. He used that money to improve his tools like PCs and other streaming equipment. He says that becoming a successful streamer often depends on how much money you can spend on it. The more you can spend on streaming games, the more you can grow your popularity and payments.

  1. Ruba Jaiousy from Jordan

  • Ruba is possibly one of the few successful female streamers in the Arab world. Over time, she began an ongoing collection of controllers and games. A large part of her success is due to her gaming tutorials that help face specific game stages. Also, her tips on how to complete a game seem to be one of Ruba’s best resources. She started streaming for fun, and she’s now a skyrocketing gaming teacher and content creator.
  1. Ramy Saad from Egypt

  • If you are passionate about soccer, you must follow Ramy’s live streams. He is an Egyptian gamer and FIFA pro player. He is currently part of the NasrEsport team and stats suggest he is number one in Egypt and number 21 in the entire world. In the recipe of his success, there are two main ingredients: a strong passion for soccer and ongoing determination.
  1. Sayed Hashem from Bahrain

  • Sayed is one of the world’s most brilliant Tekken and Mortal Kombat pro players in Bahrain. Among his most recent accomplishments, we can’t forget he is a multiple title-holder and three times EVO finalist. He is also a member of the NasrEsport team.
  1. Ahmad Meghessib from Qatar

  • Ahmad is another genius FIFA player in the Middle East region. He started in the FIFA Interactive World Cup at 19, gaining a place in the regional finals, when he played to represent the rest of the world. Ahmad is currently a member of the PSG esports team, a midfielder in the Dubai Sports Club, and the Qatari National Team. Another accomplishment that Ahmed can boast is that he is a Red Bull player.

These successful pro Arab gamers have something in common: they all started for pure fun, without any financial interest. Money just came as a result of their skills. On the contrary, those who start streaming only to make money are likely to fail because they don’t put any passion or love for what they do. Behind streamers who can get donations from worldwide followers, there’s always a long path made of hard work and dedication to gaming. Success doesn’t come overnight, and that’s the bottom line.


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