80’s Arcade Shooter Huntdown Headed to Mobile

From the publisher who brought you Valheim comes an addictive, tactical retro-inspired bounty hunting platformer for iOS and Android in 2021.

Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger Games are pumped to reveal that Huntdown, the critically-acclaimed, 80’s inspired, bounty hunting shooter will be coming to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store this year. The game features integration with Apple TV, allowing players to seamlessly link their mobile devices, and play and save progress across both platforms.

Huntdown’s beautiful pixel-art style has been fully optimized for the small screen, having originally been designed as a mobile game before heading to consoles and PC. Players can shoot and kick butt with fully customized controls, or even connect their favorite controller. The Huntdown app is free to download and try before buying the full game. No microtransactions, no pay-to-win, just non-stop hard-boiled action from start to finish.

Set in a bleak dystopian future where sadistic gangs rule and cops fear to tread, only three legendary bounty hunters have the arsenal and killer instincts to take back the city from the corrupt fist of felony. Players can run and slide under whistling bullets, jump-kick enemies in the air while finishing ‘em off with a close-range shotgun blast. Out of ammo? Take cover and ambush the next wave with throwing knives, or smash them over the head with a Stratocaster!

Inspired by the action movies and pop culture of the 80s with a gritty, violent twist, Huntdown is an old-school arcade shooter for the modern bounty hunter. The tactical platformer features hand-painted 16-bit pixel art graphics and hand-drawn animations, thousands of hilarious one-liners, combined with fluid action-packed 60-FPS gameplay and an epic 80s soundtrack pumping darkwave, industrial synth, hard rock, and electro through 20 unique levels.

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