A Cat Clawed Its Way into The Game of The Year Ranks


And the award goes to… Stray?

This year’s Game Awards are around the corner, and Geoff Keighley just announced the 31 nominees for the event that will be airing live from the Microsoft Theater on December 8th. Hardly surprisingly, big hits God of War Ragnarök and Elden Ring are dominating the industry with ten and seven total nominations respectively. However, next to these sprawling, big-budget AAA titles, one indie darling stands out: BlueTwelve’s debut cat adventure game: Stray, racked up six nominations, and is, most notably, up for the Game of the Year Award. Who would have thought the cat game that lets you explore a cyberpunk world on four paws, scratch on doors, deliberately knock things off shelves, and look for the best spots to nap, would be head-to-head against the likes of Elden Ring? While it’s certainly the underdog (undercat?) in the main category, Stray’s many nods are already a big win for the indie title.

The indie cat snatching the TGA treats

Ahead of its release in July this year, Stray by developer BlueTwelve Studio and publisher Annapurna Interactive was expected to be a simple cat sim. It turned out to be much more than that, inviting players to explore an intricately designed, visually striking urban landscape from a cat’s perspective – meows, purrs, and scratching on sofas included. From the neon-lit streets and rooftops, and the surprisingly creepy underbelly of the city to the remarkably human robots, BlueTwelve undoubtedly put as much love into their debut game as a cat puts into its grooming routine.

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Stray instantly became a smash hit, with footage of players’ cats interacting with the game taking over social media feeds. Now, its critical acclaim has reached new heights. Stray has been nominated in six TGA categories, including Best Game Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Independent Games, Best Debut Indie Games, Best Action-Adventure Games, and, most notably, Game of the Year 2022. With this number of nods, it comes in third after Sony Santa Monica’s God of War Ragnarok with ten nominations and FromSoftware’s Elden Ring with seven. As most award shows typically give big-budget AAA games center stage, seeing a much simpler title with a small team and budget behind it among the top ranks is a huge success for the indie gaming scene in general.

A cat going head-to-head against gods and monsters

The Game Awards 2022 will be the 9th annual global celebration of the video game industry, with the top Game of the Year award “recognizing a game that delivers the absolute best experience across all creative and technical fields”. It will be a tough battle for Stray against heavy-weight contenders. While Horizon Forbidden West, A Plague Tale: Requiem, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have all been nominated for the coveted prize as well, it is predicted that God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring will be the two games facing off for the title. Could a cat take it up with mighty gods and enormous monsters?

It’s a cat’s game

While Stray’s odds against the big-hitter AAA games are slim, the game’s major success is yet another proof of how popular felines have become in the gaming world, as cats have left their paw prints in many games. Gato Roboto, for instance, puts a cat into a mech suit in a pixelated 2D Metroidvania video game, while the RPG Cat Quest lets you roam an open world with a fierce kitty in knight’s armor. Even classic casino games offered around the globe have drawn inspiration from the beloved feline. Experts publish their online casino reviews specifically for players from certain regions to help them find the best and safe platforms to play on that boast a large gaming library. Some of the best-rated providers have slots such as the Feline Fury, The Catfather, or Colin the Cat slots in their extensive game libraries, which all depict different types of cats in various settings on their reels. All these and many more games show how cats have long won over the hearts of gamers around the world. Will a certain stray cat now win the big trophy?

BlueTwelve’s Stray has taken the human and feline world by storm. With six nominations at this year’s edition of The Game Awards, the cute indie title is standing tall among the likes of AAA big hitters. No matter how many awards Stray will get its paws on, the nominations alone are already a big win for the studio, the indie scene in general, and cats around the globe.

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