‘A Gummy’s Life’ Puts the ‘Punch’ Back in ‘Fruit Punch’ With Latest Update

EP Games is excited to announce the latest update for the cute and hilarious beat ‘em up A Gummy’s Life has arrived! With revamped visuals and improved performance, new ways to invite friends to matches, and more, the newest update puts the ‘punch’ back into ‘fruit punch’.

Gummies have come to life in all shapes, sizes, and flavors in A Gummy’s Life and they’ve unleashed on the city and are out for some delicious chaos. Players are able to choose and customize their gummies and knock the ever-living juice out their friends in multiple game modes and colorful levels.

The latest update to arrive in A Gummy’s Life features a new and improved look for all gummies and maps for the game’s Nintendo Switch version as well as Switch players being able to invite friends to their private matches when in online mode. In addition, a slew of performance revamps has been implemented for both PC and Nintendo Switch making for smoother candy-filled brutality. Take a look at the full patch notes below.

Dual Platform Improvements

  • Get to hopping, players can now jump on top of A Frog’s Life cars.
  • Collisions on moving platforms have been reworked and are now extra smooth.
  • Training mode now starts immediately instead of with a countdown, start practicing landing those hooks and jabs.
  • Improved synchronization of online player movements and jumps with high ping players means smoother gummy battles for all.
  • AI gummies are smarter and more aerodynamic than ever. They will jump down from Dakongo superior platforms after being thrown by the cannon. Hardmode AI will climb walls alongside you and will not try to grab a gummy a second time to prevent accidentally saving them.
  • New stat: Zombies killed
  • Opening the menu or controlling UI during character selection will stop the countdown.
  • Track ‘n Splash’s train door has been oiled and now moves smoother than ever.
  • AI in Clockwork, hot potato mode, now has priority on passing the potato rather than getting on top of a number.
  • Gummies will no longer get confused and freeze when get up and fall recovery happens at the same time, letting them get back into the fight faster!
  • Zombarn tractor will no longer get stuck when not moving (we took the handbrake off).

Nintendo Switch Improvements

  • Visual and performance revamp – all gummies and maps have been given a fresh coating of sugar and look tastier than ever; gameplay quality is bouncing off the walls.
  • You can now invite friends to your private matches when in online mode!

PC Improvements

  • Ability to configure AntiAliasing Settings (Automatic/FXAA/Disabled) and Motion Blur (Automatic/Disabled) has been added – make those gummies smooth!
  • All Gummies’ outlines in team mode are now in sync with their characters.

The latest update for A Gummy’s Life is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Featuring a variety of gummies to pick and choose from to battle against friends or family, A Gummy’s Life makes for sweet, sweet multiplayer chaos.

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