A New Menacing World Boss Nouver is unleashed in Black Desert Mobile!

Pearl Abyss has announced that the ferocious desert dragon Nouver is unleashed today in Black Desert Mobile as part of a free update. Nouver is a force of nature that rules over the Desert. Adventurers who attempt to face the behemoth dragon will have to fend off sandstorms, heatstroke and hypothermia just to get to the dragon and have a chance at defeating it.


Nouver poses a true challenge for Adventurer’s level 55 and up, but those who are brave enough can get some game changing rewards if they are successful in slaying the giant dragon. When Nouver is defeated, it will drop handy items such as the Grand Black Stone, with a higher probability of drop than other world bosses, and the Abyssal sub-weapon.

The Abyssal sub-weapon possesses Nouver’s powerful aura, and is one of the best offensive weapons in the world of Black Desert Mobile. It is time to gear up and experience the thrill of slaying Nouver to achieve fame and glory.

In addition to Nouver, Black Desert Mobile is adding new events for the most diligent adventurers. Ascension system is the new skill set for character classes. Ascension skills will give Adventurers the opportunity to be more powerful, and the system will be introduced in the next update. While the details about this system will be revealed next week, Adventurers can prepare for Ascension through various events. By defeating a set number of monsters and completing various quests, a full Epic grade armor set will be rewarded.

Production of higher grade weapon is another addition that will be loved by Adventurers. Now they can craft mystical weapons and armor from the blacksmith facility in the camp, and the production of weapons and armor will make the journey into the world of Black Desert more fun.

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