A new way to play Neverinth!

Since we launched Neverinth: The Never Ending Labyrinth in the May 1st we have been overwhelmed by the response and feedback we have received from the community. We have worked closely with our community and implemented many requested features and massive content updates during our Early Access. 

And we are overjoyed to say that our efforts have been noticed by our friends at Utomik and we are proud to announce that we have partnered with the no-nonsense gaming subscription service! Thus, every Utomik subscriber will have the opportunity to explore the Neverinth and help the restore the order to the post-Ragnarok word right NOW, August 12th! Utomik’s support will help us create the game we always wanted to make and provide Utomik customer’s with an amazing new experience as we develop the game with the help from their passionate community.

Utomik version of Neverinth is the full and unaltered game and includes:

  • Play 3 different Valkyries with more incoming, each with a unique set of abilities and history based on real historical figures.
  • Conquer the ever-changing three-dimensional labyrinth in an engaging, fast-paced, and rewarding combat.
  • Gain the power of the fallen Gods unlocking their mythical weapons and skills.
  • Use mysterious totems to fine-tune your stats and abilities.
  • Unlock new content including levels, new characters, monsters, and abilities.
  • Customize your Valkyrie’s look with a range of outfits and weapons
  • Collect and wield a wide range of incredible weapons.

Neverinth: The Never Ending Labyrinth is a Single Player game inspired by the “Soulsborne” series including RPG, hack’n slash, and roguelike elements. Available since April 30th, 2019 on Steam in Early Access, if you have an Utomik Account, NOW you can play Neverinth there and immerse yourself in a unique battle against gloomy creatures from the Norse mythology.

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