A Patch For Anthem is Coming

Anthem has had a rocky start even before its launch back on February 22nd, going all the way back to the demo and how it was planned to launch. The most recent issue is causing the PS4 to completely shut off, forcing owners of the system to boot the console into safe mode and rebuild their database. Bioware and EA have listened and are planning updates to fix these issues and add more content to the live-service game, which is scheduled for March 12th. On March 6th, Bioware announced some of the upcoming fixes to the game (seen below) during a live stream.

Bug Fixes for March 12th Patch:

  • The patch will have fixes for crashes, like the PlayStation 4 crashes (Bioware/EA claim that when working with Sony, there were no PS4s that bricked that they know of and they can be powered back on).
  • The Lvl 1 bug will be fixed very soon.
  • Quickplay fixes: They believe they fixed the bugs for the ones they know of/been reported.
  • If you are down when a Titan dies, you’ll still get the loot/credit.
  • Mouse button 4 is no longer bound to the escape.
  • Fixed a bunch of occurrences where you will spawn behind a wall after respawning.
  • Ultimate ability bar appearing when it shouldn’t be ready should be fixed.
  • Fixed additional sound bugs.
  • Windwall blocking ults will be resolved.
  • Gunslinger mark will be fixed and will be usable again.

Now, this isn’t a complete and final list of the March 12th patch bug fixes. There will be complete notes on Tuesday over on their official website. This list was provided by and confirmed on the stream. As far as the “Quality of Life” (the QoL) for the games goes, the following was announced.

New QoL on March 12th:

  • Start expedition can be done by holding the button regardless if you’re a group or not.
  • Colossus can get back to moving faster after overheating/hit a wall/any heavy-hit reaction.
  • A lot of respawn restricted areas will be removed (i.e. It’s 30 seconds in a stronghold. There are a few missions that it is still in there, but it’s been changed for the majority).
  • Freeplay server notification will not pop up as much.
  • “OPEN THE CORTEX” has been removed.
  • Random stronghold selection added back in, but no bonuses yet.

Balance/Gameplay Changes:

  • Melees and Ultimates have been adjusted to be better in higher difficulties. The power numbers on gear have been adjusted for damage scaling (so MWs number will be higher; you’re not stronger but your melee and ultimates will be because of the higher numbers).
  • Windwall damage absorb has been increased. Shortened how long they will be active (for 20 seconds instead of 60 but absorbs more damage).
  • You can now prime Titans.
  • Increased the damage of a lot of masterwork weapons.


  • Green/white will be removed at level 30. Now confirmed for March 12th patch
  • Looking at GM 2/3 for loot. Changes not in 3/12.

Now Bioware is preparing a content patch as well, but it isn’t going to be released with the update on March 12th. The current plan is to release new content in a couple of weeks or the end of March. They want to add more support gear, but have no ETA at this time. They first want to see how everyone uses the currently available ones, see what is missing for certain Javelins, and then go from there. They also know they are in need of a start page and agree with the players. They’re still working out how quickly they can complete it and when they can bring it out. EXP being useful for things other than alliance will be addressed later on in the year. Sadly, a Health UI bug isn’t going to be fixed on the March 12th patch but at a later date is to be determined.

Bioware may have had a rocky start to the year with Anthem’s launch, but if they can constantly stay on top of the issues plaguing the game and be transparent in their feedback with gamers (whether it be on Twitter, reddit, or even a live stream), they may be able to bounce back. They have a long way to go, but this is a promising start!

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