A3: STILL ALIVE Adds New Class in Massive Update

This morning, Netmarble released their latest update for A3: STILL ALIVE, their dark fantasy open world mobile RPG, which adds the all-new ‘Scholar’ class for player warriors to experiment and train with. As part of the update, Netmarble is celebrating with a variety of in-game, regions, and dungeons for players to check out and try the new class on.

To celebrate, players can look forward to a series of in-game activities that boost combat power and offer buffs that benefit the continued growth of their characters, Soul Linkers, and Shus, the player’s Avian familiars that assist them during battles.

Scholars are a new and well-rounded warrior class in which players can specialize in close and long-range combat depending on which skills are used. The Scholar also has access to four types of summons they can activate. Players eager to play the Scholar can look forward to new Starter Missions, which offer various rewards once completed. After the update, players will receive a 7★ Hecamione Soul Linker, EXP Soul Stars, Complement Chests, and other various boosting benefits in order to reach 2M Combat Power in 2 weeks, regardless of the classes.

Today’s update also includes:

  • 5x Faster Growth Speed Event
    • From April 15 – May 06, players can look forward to Bonus Hot Time that offers a 400% in EXP earned with monster hunt in new servers
    • When reaching a certain in-game level, players can achieve Main Quest Auto-Clear Tickets for automatic mission clear with Gold
    • Players over Lv. 50 can participate in Mine Exchange Event and have until April 29 to redeem Sealed Grimoire tickets (which can be found in the Shiland Mine) for EXP Chests
  • Max Level Equipment is provided to support players in the new server. Players can get Maximum Level Equipment in every 10 Levels until they reach up to Lv. 130.
  • Complement Soul Linker Items, combat power-boosting items for Soul Linkers, are now available
  • Level Expansion – Players can now reach Lv. 160, while new Lv. 150~160 equipment had been added. This also includes a new Lv. 160 Legendary Background Set Grade.
  • The new Saeldir region, the Ermondo Mine Equipment Dungeon, and B4 of the Refuge of the Dead have been newly opened for player Warriors to experience
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