‘A3: Still Alive’ Latest Update Introduces New Main Area, PVP Mode, Fast-Pass System

Today’s A3: STILL ALIVE update introduces an all-new main region to explore – Lesca, ‘The Frozen Fortress City’, alongside a new PvP mode known as the Tower of Greed, and a new Fast-Pass system that allows new and returning players who own a pass to quickly clear several main quests.


This month’s update introduces a handful of new regions and activities for players to experience. These include Lesca, ‘The Frozen Fortress City’, the Serrod Ice Cliff Equipment Dungeon, and a new world boss – the Starving Kudrak. Pre-seasons for the Tower of Greed, a new PvP mode where players must fight for keys by defeating monsters and other players, in order to continually climb the tower, officially begins today as part of today’s update.

A3: STILL ALIVE’s Fast-Pass system allows all players who own the pass to quickly clear several main quests. Once used, automatic adjustments are made to a player’s level and reputation so the minimum requirements to clear chapters are met. Players can look to receive a package of rewards via their mailbox, quickly achieve Level 160 for their characters with the Fast Pass. As free level-ups up to Chapter 19 are available to all Fast Pass users, Blue Diamonds will also be provided to support Fast Pass up to Chapter 22.

Also, when provided with rewards by participating in various events will allow the players to achieve three million combat power easily.

Other content and changes in today’s update include:

  • Maximum Player Level has increased to Lv. 180, while new Lv. 170 and Lv. 180 Equipment is added to the game
  • New Equipment / Accessories Spec-Up Functions have been added. These include Weapon / Armor Awaken, a new Convert Set for Weapons / Armors, and Accessories Tier 3 Awaken.
  • New upcoming Server Merges, with the opportunity to Transfer Servers with Server Transfer Tickets that will be offered to players on a regular basis
  • Level Achievement events, Starter Guide events, and Starter Soulinker Exchange events, have been reorganized to offer additional rewards and increased benefits for new/returning users and active players

Several limited-time events, including:

  • Lv.120~Lv.170 Step-Up Box (7/8 ~ until further notice) & Level-Up Event Season 2 Lv. 120~170 players can earn rewards by clearing certain level thresholds. Users can participate in the Level-Up Event for 14 days
  • Veteran Guide Mission and Veteran Exchange Event – After clearing Chapter 22 with Fast Pass, players can undergo a ‘Mission Accomplishment’ event for 14 days in order to reach their maximum level
  • Lesca 7-Day Check-In Event (7/8~7/29) / Level-Up Mission (7/8~8/19) / Premium Resonating Stone Event (7/8~ until further notice) – A variety of in-game events have launched to celebrate the new Lesca region that players can experience to earn rewards
  • Tower of Greed Exchange Event (7/8~7/29)– When players clear the Tower of Greed, they will earn an Exchange Ticket that can be redeemed for additional rewards.
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