A3: Still Alive May 2021 ‘Blue Moon Forest’ Update Details

A3: Still Alive’s May Update Expands Soul Linker Capabilities And Celebrates With New Event Dungeon.

Netmarble issued a new update for its dark fantasy open-world mobile RPG A3: STILL ALIVE that adds a new limited-time dungeon – the Blue Moon Forest -, along with the option to add a fifth Soul Linker to a player’s kit for more strategic play on the battlefield!

Conquer the limited-time ‘Blue Moon Forest’ from May 6th – 27th  2021.

A new ‘Blue Moon Forest’ dungeon, where players can explore and collect prizes upon completion of the dungeon, is now open from May 6th~27th 2021. At the new event dungeon, players can achieve event Shu ‘Wiz’, up to ★7 Legend Soul Linker Conversion Ticket and Legendary/Ancient Event Accessories. The Event Accessories will allow players to gain Blue Moon Forest Exchange Coin, which can be used to get EXP points, 7-Star Heroic Soul Linker, and more. Expert players can also look forward to the expansion of Sanctuary and Dark Lighthouse, as Sanctuary is now open up to Level 70, while the Dark Lighthouse can be explored up to the 84th floor. In addition to A3: STILL ALIVE’s battle pass kicking off its fourth season, players can now collect Apostle Fragments, which can be utilized for more effective battles at Velangort Fortress.

A3: STILL ALIVE also introduces a number of in-game events designed to quickly grow a player’s strength.

  • Heroic Soul Linker Switch Event (5/6~27) – 5/6-Star Soul Linkers can be switched into a different Soul Linker of the same level and type with a certain amount of Blue Diamonds
  • Soul Linker Wish Summon Season 2 (5/6~) – Players can get various items including Legendary 7-Star / 8-Star Soul Linker, EXP Soul Stars, Blue Diamonds, and Gold. With a high possibility of getting Legendary 7-Star / 8-Star Soul Linker, players can also choose the most wanted Legendary Soul Linker to achieve.
  • Guild Reward Upgrades – By completing Guild content at Entangled Borders and Velangort Fortress game modes, players can earn additional rewards from 5/6~27
  • Bonus Time Events (Hourglass of Blessings) (5/6~) – When players use the Hourglass of Blessings item, EXP, and Apostle EXP earned receives a 50% buff
  • Bonus Time Events (Hot Time to be Famous!) (5/20~5/27) – Every player across all servers will receive a 200% bonus to Famed earned during the event period
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