Good day, principals. We have an official announcement for you from the education board. Indie studio Squeaky Wheel releases on May 1st the Alpha 4 version of the successful Academia: School Simulator. Alpha 4 adds two new game features, as well as many quality-of-life improvements and UI-UX changes. All these additions make Academia a deeper, bigger and even more engaging game.

It’s been some time since Alpha 3, so let’s summarize all the major updates and new features the game has received in this period!

  • Random events. Moral dilemmas, opportunities, weird stuff going on or just students thanking you for your great job – special events will appear randomly throughout your playthrough to make every game even more unique.
  • Food Quality and Food Fights. Now you can serve worse food if you need to cut some expenses, or invest in better food for your students for better learning. Keep your eyes open for mischief, though – food fights might erupt at any point…
  • Special Principals. Choose a background for you to reflect your play style: drill sergeant, reverend, capitalist – or just a plain old hardworking principal who actually believes in education.
  • Goons. What are you going to do with those goons who hang around your school pretending to be tough guys and turning your kids into delinquents? Chase them off by yourself, or empower your monitors to take care of them for you.
  • Zone Linking. Specify which classrooms go to specific cafeterias and common rooms to maximize the efficiency of your school. Link your kitchen to your cafeteria to control your kitchen staff.
  • New Lawyer and Vice-Principal Staff. You can now hire a lawyer and a vice-principal as part of your managing staff. The lawyer allows you to expel students, mass-fire members of the staff and clear the paperwork of your land acquisitions, as well as opening up different research trees. Your new VP will help you to manage the sheer number of delinquents in your school!
  • School Bus. You can make your students sign in the schoolbus so they get to school rested and happy!
  • Buy Land. Expand your school buying new plots of land!
  • Water & Electricity Generator. Build a green school with its own generators of clean energy!
  • Sell school. Some principals are vocational… others are in this for the money. Sell your school and start over with more money based in the value of your old school!
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