Accessibility features Detailed in Latest The Forest Cathedral Video

Today, Whitethorn Games — publisher of indie games like APICO, Wytchwood, Beasts of Maravilla Island, and Lake — is showcasing the plethora of accessibility options available in developer Brian Wilson’s first-person environmental thriller, The Forest Cathedral.

Accessibility updates to The Forest Cathedral include:

  • Gameplay Setting and Saving: The settings and pause menus are accessible at all times during gameplay.
  • Gameplay Difficulty Adjustments: 2D difficulty options can be turned on and off at-will through the settings menu. It does not require a new save or restart to implement them.
    • Option to Turn Off Spikes, which removes all deadly spikes
    • Option to toggle on Float Mode, which reduces the speed at which the 2D character will fall
    • Checkpoints during platforming happen at regular intervals, allowing players to restart from a checkpoint if they die
  • Input and Button Presses:
    • PC has mouse and keyboard and full gamepad controller support
      • Rebinding is supported for most actions
      • Button map available at any time in the Settings menu for default keybinds
      • Player key rebinds will be reflected in button map
    • 3D Exploration – Camera sensitivity is adjustable and camera controls can be inverted vertically (y-axis).
    • 2D Platforming – The player character is moveable using a thumbstick or the D-pad.
  • Improved Tutorials: Gameplay mechanic onboarding for both 3D exploration and 2D platforming takes place in a separate tutorial zone with checks, button prompts, and text.
  • Audio Accessibility Options: Max volume adjustable.
  • More Text and Reading Options: Subtitles and journal text are written in high contrast and sans-serif typeface by default, and there is an option to change all in-game text to Open Dyslexic, a sans-serif typeface.
  • On-Screen Movement and Visual Effects: Includes an option to replace flashing static screens on terminals with a black screen.
  • Heads-Up Display: Key prompts are viewable on the screen when needed for progression. Player key rebinds are reflected in button prompts.

The Forest Cathedral will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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