Action Roguelite Trinity Fusion Enters Closed Beta

Today, indie developer Angry Mob Games is thrilled to begin the first Closed Beta playtest of Trinity Fusion, the dark action-RPG platformer that sends players on a mission across dimensions to restore the very fabric of reality. The Closed Beta playtest will run from today until November 24th, with a second playtest running between December 6th through the 13th. Sign-ups for the beta are still open at the official Trinity Fusion webpage HERE, and the developer will be sending out more invites over the course of the playtest.

Set across three shattered versions of the game’s world, Trinity Fusion casts players in the role of the Hitchhiker, a cross-dimensional traveler psychically linked to her three parallel selves. In order to forestall the total destruction of the multiverse, she must band together with her alternate identities to fuse together their different realities and keep their timelines from collapsing in on one another.

Each of the three realities comes not only with its own unique challenges, but also a unique version of the Hitchhiker, complete with her own weapons and abilities. Deploy equipment that afflicts enemies with status effects, deal heavy bursts of damage at a distance with ranged weapons, or brawl up close with blades and hammers—each style of attack brings you closer to reversing the doom of the multiverse.

Run, gun, and strategize your way through a dark sci-fi setting that features a mix of procedurally-generated stages and hand-crafted levels. As players travel through each universe, levels and biomes will merge depending on the route that each player takes, encouraging multiple playthroughs to see the various ways the worlds can be combined.

From Wrist Claws to Rocket Launchers, each of the Hitchhiker’s many weapons comes with its own elemental variants, as well as Mods with unique activation conditions that can dramatically change the decision-making process mid-run. While you’ll lose much of your gear upon death, there are plenty of permanent upgrades available, so no matter where or how you die, you’re still making progress.

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