Action RPG All Hail Temos Set for Early Access This Fall, Demo Coming Soon

Download the prologue demo in early September on Steam.

Solo developer Geoffrey Howland invites players to a scrolls-like in the making (get it, scrolls-like…like Elder Scrolls) in All Hail Temos, an action RPG launching in early access this fall on Steam. There’s no chosen one this time as players explore a small handcrafted open world filled with deep lore, dozens of side quests to complete, and crucial choices to make that can impact everything. A playable prologue demo will be available on Steam in early September.

Rather than a single main story mission, All Hail Temos features plenty of deeper side quests that culminate into multiple endings. Dialogue is constantly branching, where each choice made leads to a different result and may advance the clocklike state of the world, moving everything affected by the decision forward. As players craft their journey, an in-game journal in the form of a travelog chronicles everything.

Combat in All Hail Temos offers a variety of options from fists and archery to swords and axes (no arrows to the knee this time). Players can level up skills individually to unlock new abilities over time. Problems can also be solved with characters through dialogue or trading.

Magic is infused in every aspect of the open world, with every character holding the power to use magic, such as a Return to Marker teleport spell and Rewind to travel back in time. Each NPC and creature has a daily schedule alongside dynamic weather and a day/night cycle. Buildings in the world can also be claimed and the (not so) chosen one can even become the mayor of the town (just tell the current mayor he sucks and take over, by force or coercion). Decide the fate of NPCs with your choices.

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