Ada Wong from the Resident Evil Heads to TEPPEN in “A Dark Agenda”

The game’s latest Capcom Hero sneaks into battle in the new expansion

All of the Heroes have assembled, and TEPPEN’s true story finally begins! Available now, “A Dark Agenda” welcomes a new Hero, Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series, and introduces cards from the Strider series to TEPPEN.

In “A Dark Agenda,” the truth of the mysterious woman, teased in previous story expansions, is revealed. After guiding other heroes to the Land of Illusion from the shadows, Ada is now pursued by the elite assassin Strider Hiryu. What is her grand plan and for what purpose has she united these heroes?

The new Purple Hero Ada comes equipped with three new Hero Arts perfect for a quiet killer:

  • Blackout removes 1 enemy unit with 3 Attacks or less from the game.
  • Mirage Decoy locks all of your empty board slots for 10 seconds and returns all enemy units with an MP cost equal to or less than the number of board slots inflicted with Lock +2 to the deck.
  • Break Away returns 1 friendly Purple unit to your EX Pocket and gives it -2 MP. (MP costs cannot fall below 1.) Other than the unit returned, it places 1 random purple unit in the EX Pocket onto the field.

For this expansion, all existing Heroes receive new Unit Cards as well as Action Cards that show each of their stories from Ada’s perspective, like Controlling the Satsui, Mission or Machination, and It’s That Thief!. New Legendary Cards include Red card ‘S. A-Class Strider Hiryu,’ Green card ‘Golden Tempest Rajang,’ Purple card ‘Subtle Butterfly Ada,’ and Black card ‘Dread Dictator M. Bison.’

Here are details for ‘S. A-Class Strider Hiryu’:

  • Tribe: Human
  • MP: 5
  • Attack: 2
  • HP: 7
  • <Rush> Attacking: Randomly Explore for 1 Option A, Option B, or Option C
    • Option A
      • MP: 1
      • Give 1 friendly unit. Deal 3 damage to 1 random enemy unit
  • Option B
    • MP: 1
    • Give 1 friendly unit (10 seconds). Deal 3 damage to 1 random enemy unit
  • Option C
    • MP: 1
    • Give 1 friendly unit (effective for 1 attack). Deal 3 damage to 1 random enemy unit

Other new cards include:

  • Kyogoku Maria
  • Mortal Enemies
  • Punishment for Betrayal
  • Rekindling of Life
  • Someone to Look up To
  • Ken
  • Sagat
  • Carlos Oliveira
  • Desperate Struggle
  • Light Sword: Cypher
  • Manipulated Justice
  • Tragic Rampage
  • Phantom Beast Slayer
  • Stimulating Supper
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