Akane – a brutal cyberpunk arena arcade slasher – is launching on Nintendo Switch

There is one thing worth emphasizing here – your death is inevitable. So before you abandon this rain-soaked world, remember to leave a mark – ideally in the form of numerous enemies. Dead enemies. A whole carpet of dead enemies.

If you’re ready to show your opponents that their destiny is to become a juicy piece of meat, visit the Nintendo eShop and order the game now for $4.99 / 4,99€. This is the regular price, but if you already own one of the other QubicGames titles (almost all of them are included in this offer), then for a limited time you will be able to get Akane 50% off!

Akane is a brutal arena arcade slasher based on one-hit-one-kill gameplay mechanics, where the gamer has only one goal – to kill as many opponents as possible before dying. To achieve that goal, players have a diversified arsenal of weapons and special skills at their disposal – all to face different types of opponents along the way.



  • Five types of opponents:
    –    Yakuza Guy – a common mafia pawn.
    –    Tank – the only villain that will require more than one katana slash to die.
    –    Shooter – a sharpshooter with cybernetic enhancements. Protip: these guys never miss.
    –    Cyber Ninja – a warrior who abdicated his body to become a killing machine. His dash attacks are deadly and his defense seems impenetrable. But remember: everybody has a weakness.
    –    The Boss – Katsuro, your nemesis who evolves to become stronger and more dangerous with each time he is killed.
  • A large arsenal of diversified guns and equipment:
    –    Katanas, each with its own unique abilities.
    –    Cigarettes that change the aesthetics of your special skills.
    –    Gadgets that grant small-but-significant improvements in combat.
    –    Boots that change your dash and the way you move on-screen.
  • Special skills and moves:
    –    Dragon Slash – dash forward, killing every enemy in your way.
    –    Dragon Slayer – kill all enemies on the screen.
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