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At Housemarque, we believe community is king. We read and discuss every comment you write, every feedback you send. Your opinions are really important to us, and we heard you loud and clear: local co-op will be added to Alienation on July 5th! So gather your friends and spouses, buy some snacks and make space on the sofa: local co-op comes with 4 concurrent players on the same screen, and in classic friendship-breaking fashion you’ll have to fight over who gets the best loot when opening a crate!

The new update also introduces the much requested Leagues system: divided into 5 Ranks and 1-week cycles, Leagues will allow you to climb the ladders of glory and unlock new bullet colors in the process.

In addition to that we’re adding two new difficulty levels for all the Alienation veterans: Expert and Master. Along with these, you’ll find 3 new trophies, a richer Arkship experience(with new rooms, harder enemies, better loot), adjustments to Legendary weapons loot drop rates and increased Hero levels cap.

All of this comes for free. If you’d like to support us, on July 5th we’re also releasing on PlayStation Store Survivor’s Pack, Alienation’s first DLC, individual items to purchase separately and the Alienation Season Pass!


Survivor’s Pack includes the possibility to make all main weapons available to all classes, a new piece of gear (the Vortex Grenade, which sucks all enemies to a central gravity point dealing constant damage) and three exclusive bullet colors. Get it for only $5.99/2.99€. The Season Pass, priced $9.99/7.99€, gives you a big bundle discount on this and upcoming DLC, including Conqueror’s Pack, Veteran Heroes Pack, the game’s soundtrack and Alienation’s Dynamic Theme.

Check out what people thinks of Alienation:

It’s been a long time coming, and now we can’t wait for you to sit down with friends and family to play Alienation together!

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