Alinity has a Nip Slip! Is the ban hammer finally coming?

Alinity seems to keep finding ways to make headlines on major gaming news networks. In this case, it does not involve her cat which is plus. In past situations, we have seen Alinity mouth feed her cat vodka, toss her cat over her head, and of course the infamous cat clawing her in revenge mode.

Recently she has embarked on a mission to violate a whole new Twitch TOS category “Nudity” with a classic Nip Slip. You can see in the video below she was attempting to put a pillow under her shirt when she mistakenly snagged her bra as she lifted it exposing her left nipple. ::WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT:: Alinitys Nip Slip Uncensored.

Her nipple was only visible for milliseconds but according to past precedence set by Twitch, this should be a bannable/suspendable offense. Kaceytron who was recently banned from saying a dark joke about the Coronavirus pandemic on the Raj Patel show expressed her feelings of unfairness via Twitter.

There has been speculation in the past about Alinitys relationship with the Twitch staff. Reports of sexual misconduct or possible information blackmail seem to surface every time she has an Incident like this. Although no substantial evidence has never been provided regarding these allegations she does seem to avoid being banned or suspended from the Twitch platform. Last year one YouTube content creator named Keem tweeted he knew what “dirt” Alinity has been holding over Twitch’s head.

A ban or statement has not been issued yet by Amazons Twitch platform however Alinity decided to give herself a 3-day suspension according to her Twitter post.

Alinity has committed a suspendable or even bannable offense this time. Will Twitch issue a response set by precedence of previous situations just like these? Or is it possible Alinity really does have some kind of hold over Twitch management to and will escape unscathed again?

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