Alinitys cat strikes back with vengeance!

What better Twitch drama story then Alinity abusing her cat in some way? We got one… How about her cat abusing her!? In 2 recent incidents on her live stream, Alinity has thrown her cat over the shoulder and fed alcohol to it. In the clip below she is shown tossing her cat into the woodworks for stepping on her keyboard during a live streaming/gaming session. So agro.

It’s definitely wrong to throw your cat over the shoulder even if your cat is young and in shape. However, we are unable to see exactly what happened in the background. Was there a bed? Did the cat land on a pillow? How far was the drop? Was the cat hurt? Personally, I do not think it’s as serious as PETA made it although I do believe she should never do it again. PETA, on the other hand, issued a statement… Heated like a MF.

I do not personally own a cat let alone a cat from Russia, but I would imagine its liver couldn’t process much Vodka. In this next clip, Alinity is shown mouth feeding her cat after taking a fat swig of vodka right out of the bottle. You can see by the cat’s, reaction it did not enjoy the Booz. I am pretty sure mouth feeding any animal is super awkward and against some law.

I agree there should have been some level of punishment for these actions however Twitch did not apply any sort punishment what so ever. Seems legit? You cannot run from Karma however the universe will catch up to you eventually. Nothing like a claw to the arm to bring genuine pain as seen on her face in the next clip. Alinity 2 – Cat 1

Twitch we urge you to stay neutral in this situation and please do not ban the cat.

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