Amazon Prime Gaming June 2023 Update

News | Prime Gaming Reveals June 2023 Offerings

Limited Time Offer: Wings of Wrath Drop for World of Tanks Fans

World of Tanks enthusiasts can seize the opportunity this month to acquire the ‘Wings of Wrath’ drop, available for claiming by Prime Gaming members until June 21st. Drawing inspiration from the captivating universe of Warhammer 40,000, this exclusive package encompasses the ‘Wings of Wrath’ decal, the ‘Power of the Ninth’ decal, and the esteemed ‘A Drop of Courage’ medal.

Discover a World of Gaming with Amazon Luna’s Rotating Game Selection

Experience the joy of gaming instantly on your existing devices, such as Fire TV, as Amazon Luna brings its captivating game library to gamers in the US, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. This cloud-based platform offers high-quality, immersive games, granting more customers the opportunity to indulge in thrilling gameplay on supported devices. As an added benefit, Amazon Prime members can explore a rotating collection of games for free through the dedicated Prime Gaming Channel on Amazon Luna. Exciting titles like Batman: Arkham Knight, Citizen Sleeper, Monster Harvest, and SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition will be available starting June 1st. Stay tuned for future additions to the Prime Gaming Channel on Amazon Luna, as the adventure continues to unfold.

Final Countdown for Amazon Gaming Week!

Time is running out to make the most of Amazon Gaming Week, a global extravaganza catering to gamers of all skill levels. From May 22-28, seize the opportunity to explore a plethora of deals, promotions, and engaging content. With just three days left, dive into an extensive array of gaming discounts, including games, gaming PC hardware and components, PC peripherals, and much more! For a comprehensive overview of the exciting offers, head to the Amazon Gaming Week main landing page.

Here are some notable highlights to whet your appetite:

  • Entry-level and enthusiast gaming desktops and laptops
  • High-end gaming desktops and laptops at attractive prices
  • Gaming monitors from renowned brands like Samsung, MSI, HP, and more

Highlighted Game Deals:

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on select Roblox Digital Gift Cards
  • Save 25% on WWE 2K23 for Xbox Digital

Enjoy a Gaming Bonanza with June 2023 Free Games With Prime!

Prime Gaming has prepared an exciting lineup of 13 free games for the month of June, with the first game available for claiming on June 1. Get ready to immerse yourself in captivating adventures, from performing for grand audiences in Once Upon a Jester to racing through awe-inspiring locations in Over Top. Make sure to visit every Thursday to claim your Free Games with Prime.

Check out the release dates and game descriptions below:

June 1st:

  • Sengoku 2 [Amazon Games App]: Assume the role of a warrior summoned by a shrine princess and fight across various historical periods to vanquish the Dark Monarch.
  • Mutation Nation [Amazon Games App]: Aid two courageous youths in saving their hometown by battling against a brilliant biologist who has been transforming humans into mutants.

June 8th:

  • Soccer Brawl [Amazon Games App]: Engage in a lively soccer game where you kick, punch, and compete against robotic players representing different nations.
  • Over Top [Amazon Games App]: Experience high-octane racing through breathtaking locales, including urban areas, mountainous regions, and snowy roads.

June 15th

  • The Super Spy [Amazon Games App]: Utilize your punching, kicking, and weapon skills to defeat enemies while navigating a vast building to rescue captives.
  • Top Hunter [Amazon Games App]: Embark on a side-scrolling action game, battling space pirates aiming for absolute domination. Jump, shoot, throw, and execute special attacks to emerge victorious.
  • SteamWorld Dig 2 [Amazon Games App]: Dig deep, accumulate riches, and unearth the perils of the underworld in this platform mining adventure inspired by classic Metroidvania games.

June 22nd:

  • Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition [Amazon Games App]: Return to the Forgotten Realms in this acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, offering over 100 hours of award-winning adventures and robust tools for creating your own tales.
  • Autonauts [Amazon Games App]: Establish an ever-evolving autonomous utopia of agriculture, industry, and enlightenment as you build, create, and automate with your colony.
  • Revita [Amazon Games App]: Harvest and sacrifice souls to enhance your power as you confront challenging procedural encounter rooms and formidable bosses in this fast-paced twin-stick roguelite platformer.

June 29th:

  • Roguebook [Amazon Games App]: Embrace the challenge of a roguelike deckbuilder as you assemble a team of two heroes to unleash potent combos and conquer the legends of the Roguebook.
  • Once Upon a Jester [Amazon Games App]: Step into the spotlight as the Jester and his faithful friend Sok, entertaining audiences throughout the kingdom by improvising theater shows and performing on stages far and wide.
  • Gems of Destiny: Homeless Dwarf [Legacy Games Code]: Embark on an intriguing journey alongside Axel, the dwarf, as he strives to create a new city for himself and his companions, unfolding an engaging story.

June 2023 Calendar

  • NOW AVAILABLE Beasts of Maravilla Island [Amazon Games App]
  • NOW AVAILABLE Bloons TD 6 – Admiral Brickell Pack
  • NOW AVAILABLE Brawlhalla – Iron Legion Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE Calico [Amazon Games App]
  • NOW AVAILABLE Agatha Knife [FGWP]
  • NOW AVAILABLE King of the Monsters 2 [Amazon Games App]
  • NOW AVAILABLE Lila’s Sky Ark [Legacy Games Code]
  • NOW AVAILABLE Divine Knockout – Radiant Amaterasu Card and Batter Up KO Banner
  • NOW AVAILABLE DKO: Divine Knockout [Epic Games Store]
  • NOW AVAILABLE Double Kick Heroes [Amazon Games App]
  • NOW AVAILABLE Elder Scrolls Online – Dragon Slayer Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE Fall Guys – Don Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE FIFA 23 – Prime Gaming Pack
  • NOW AVAILABLE Hearthstone – Random Standard Epic Card
  • NOW AVAILABLE Honkai: Star Rail – Prime Gaming Bundle
  • NOW AVAILABLE League of Legends – Prime Gaming Capsule
  • NOW AVAILABLE League of Legends – GOTTEM! Emote
  • NOW AVAILABLE League of Legends: Wild Rift – Random Skin Chest
  • NOW AVAILABLE Legends of Runeterra – Rare Prismatic Chest, Epic Wildcard
  • NOW AVAILABLE Lost Ark – Stronghold Activity Relief Pack
  • NOW AVAILABLE Madden NFL 23 – NFL Draft Ultimate Team Pack
  • NOW AVAILABLE New World – Rusty Cracked Safe
  • NOW AVAILABLE Overwatch 2 – D.Va Waveracer Legendary Skin
  • NOW AVAILABLE PALADINS – Soul Briar Grover
  • NOW AVAILABLE PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS – Chicken Dinner Booster Pack
  • NOW AVAILABLE Realm Royale – Bokserker Chicken Skin
  • NOW AVAILABLE Rogue Company – Inferno Imp Switchblade
  • NOW AVAILABLE Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King [Amazon Games App]
  • NOW AVAILABLE SMITE – Sandcastle Slasher Da Ji
  • NOW AVAILABLE Tandem: A Tale of Shadows [Amazon Games App]
  • NOW AVAILABLE Teamfight Tactics – 150 Star Shards
  • NOW AVAILABLE Tiny Robots Recharged [Amazon Games App]
  • NOW AVAILABLE Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion [Amazon Games App]
  • NOW AVAILABLE VALORANT – Claw and Order Spray
  • NOW AVAILABLE Warframe – Udyat Iridos Syandana
  • NOW AVAILABLE World of Tanks – Wings of Wrath
  • NOW AVAILABLE World of Warcraft – Epic Purple Shirt Transmog
  • MAY 31 Destiny 2 – Ninja Vanish Emote Bundle
  • MAY 31 PUBG MOBILE – The Gadget
  • JUNE 1st Mutation Nation [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 1st Sengoku 2 [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 7th Hi-Fi RUSH – Teamplay Costume Pack
  • JUNE 8th Soccer Brawl [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 8th Over Top [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 14th PUBG MOBILE – Egg Cracker Suit
  • JUNE 15th The Super Spy [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 15th Top Hunter [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 15th SteamWorld Dig 2 [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 22nd Autonauts [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 22nd Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 22nd Revita [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 29th Roguebook [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 29th Once Upon a Jester [Amazon Games App]
  • JUNE 29th Gems of Destiny: Homeless Dwarf [Legacy Games Code]
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