Amazon Prime Gaming March Update

Take a look at the Amazon Prime gaming March update!

  • Exclusive content for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
  • The March Free Games with Prime lineup, featuring Bomber Crew Deluxe and SkyDrift
  • Plus, the last chance to claim 20+ SNK arcade classics

Last Chance: Claim 20+ Classic SNK Arcade Games Until March 31!

Available Now Don’t forget to claim this collection of free arcade classics from legendary video game developer SNK. March is the last chance for Prime members to claim over 20 free iconic titles including Shock Troopers, Metal Slug 2, The King of Fighters 2000, and more–all theirs to keep forever.


Grab the Fall Guys MVP Bundle with Prime Gaming!

Available Now Just in time for the season 3.5 update, Prime Gaming is offering an exclusive MVP Bundle for the hit party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! This new bundle includes the super-sporty MVP Costume and three whole Crowns, so players will always have a slice of that delicious Fall Guys glory. This costume has been specially crafted for optimal stumbling, with stylish sweatbands and athletic shorts!

March free games with prime!

Add games including Blasphemous and Boomerang Fu to your library

Available March 1 Prime Gaming is adding FIVE FREE games to our library beginning Monday, March 1! The lineup includes something for everyone, ranging from brutal action-platformer Blasphemous to the frantic physics party game SkyDrift.

  • Bomber Crew Deluxe – In this strategic simulation game, picking the right crew and keeping your bomber in tip top shape is the difference between completing your mission or losing it all.
  • Blasphemous – Explore, upgrade your abilities, and perform savage executions on the hordes of enemies that stand between you and your quest to break eternal damnation.
  • SkyDrift – Get closer than ever before to the world of adrenaline pumping sky-racing where flyboys can test and master their flying and combat skills against the deadliest opponents!
  • Boomerang Fu – Join a crew of your favorite foods as you grill, chill and spill your enemies.
  • Tengami – Fold and slide the beautifully crafted paper world to solve puzzles and discover secrets.

GTA Online

Grab the Kosatka Submarine Sonar Station and GTA$1,000, 000 for the wildly popular GTA Online.


Available March 22

This month, players can build their dream squad Pack #3, which includes 1x 81+ OVR Player Pick item and 4x Rare Gold Player items.

Apex Legends

Spring into action with an exclusive Fuse skin available in the free-to-play Battle Royale game until March 15. In addition, beginning on March 10, players can look forward to a brand new Octane skin!

Madden NFL 21

Available March 8

Optimize your team with the Prime Gaming Pack, which features MUT Heroes this month!

League of Legends

Be sure to unlock 3 free mystery Skin Shards in League of Legends!

STAR WARS: Squadrons

Available March 2

Soar the skies in style with two Pilot Helmets:

FEARLESS SKIES – A pattern evoking the hyperwinds of Utapau, and a reminder that New Republic pilots weather any challenge.

IMPERATOR’ S VISAGE – In the strategic game of Shah-tezh, the Imperator represents the supreme might of the Empire.

World of Tanks

Drop 2: Available Now

Drop 3: March 18

Grab 1 day of Premium Account, an exclusive The Big Catch decal, and the exclusive Fish or Cut Bait inscription before this offer ends on March 18. And check back on March 18 for more World of Tanks content!

Legends of Runeterra

Available March 9

Pick up a free Epic Wildcard in Riot Games’ Legends of Runeterra!

Epic Seven

Drop 2: Now Available
Drop 3: March 10
Drop 4: March 24

Be sure to claim the following items:

Drop 2: 3x Greater Artifact Charms, 500,000 Gold through March 10

Drop 3: 9 x 3 – Star Penguin (3 perelement; Fire, Ice and Earth), 500,000 Gold through March 24

Drop 4: 20 x Leif through April 7

Drops 2-4 of 18

Rocket Arena

Available March 12

Battle in style: Get the all-new outfit for Jayto.


Available March 10

This month, players can look forward to grabbing a 10,000,000 Red Meso Exchange Ticket x5.

Magic Tiles

Available March 4

Unlock One-Day VIP pass and 5 additional songs, every week!


Drop 8: March 3

Drop 9: March 17

March brings lots of WAR OF THE VISION FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS content! On March 3, Prime members can claim a Gil x5,000,000 and on March 17, players can snag a NRG Restore (L) x10!

Alliance vs. Empire

Coming this March

Prime Members can look forward to claiming a White Diamond x500, Emerald x50, Enhancement Guard Ticket x50, King’s Blessing x2 and Benuv’s Blessing x2 in the most immersive and large-scale MMORPG on a phone this month.

Darkness Rises

Available March 11

Beginning March 11, players can claim a Rank S++ Costume Choice Box x4.

Voodoo mobile games

For a limited time, enjoy ad-free play in some of Voodoo’s wildly addicting mobile titles.

Available March 4 – 21 days of ad-free play in

Available March 8 – 21 ad-free days in

Available March 11 – 7 ad-free days for Cube Surfer

Available March 18 – 7 days of ad-free play in Helix Jump


Unlock the exclusive Fabled skin for Artio, The Bear Goddess.

Calendar March 2021

  • Now Available Apex Legends Drop 3
  • Now Available Fall Guys Drop 3
  • Now Available SMITE Drop 6
  • Now Available Epic 7 Drop 2
  • Now Available World of Tanks Drop 2
  • March 1 Free Games With Prime – Bomber Crew Deluxe, Blasphemous, SkyDrift, Boomerang Fu, Tengami
  • March 2 STAR WARS: Squadrons Drop 4
  • March 4 Drop 2
  • March 4 Magic Tiles Drop 14
  • March 8 Drop 4
  • March 8 Madden Drop 7
  • March 8 League of Legends Drop 7
  • March 9 Legends of Runeterra Drop 3
  • March 10 MapleStoryM Drop 3
  • March 10 Apex Legends Drop 4
  • March 10 Epic 7 Drop 3
  • March 11 Curb Surfer Drop 4
  • March 11 Darkness Rises Drop 4
  • March 12 Rocket Arena Drop 6
  • March 18 Helix Jump Drop 3
  • March 18 League of Legends Drop 8
  • March 18 World of Tanks Drop 3
  • March 19 Rainbow Six Siege Drop 4
  • March 22 FIFA
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