An Unconcealed Heart Story Event Now live in Blue Archive, New Trailer Introduces Students

NEXON Korea Corp. announced an update to their latest story event, “An Unconcealed Heart,” for the subculture game Blue Archive, developed by its subsidiary company Nexon Games.

This event story follows the Ninjutsu Research Club in its journey to becoming recognized as an official club. Sensei attends to oversee the scrimmage between Allied Hyakkiyako Academy and Gehenna Academy. In addition, players who pre-registered for the event will receive Pyroxene x1,200 if they log in before Thursday, January 5th.

Three new students have also been added. Gehenna Academy’s Iroha is a mystic-type Special Student and battles from atop the T.S. Toramaru when she uses her EX Skill. Toramaru fires an artillery shell every 15 seconds to deal damage to a single enemy proportional to its ATK. The shell then splits up to deal the same amount of damage to multiple enemies.

Kaede is an explosive-type Special Student affiliated with the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy. Her EX Skill grants a shield proportional to her Healing to allies within range for 16 seconds. Michiru, affiliated with the same academy, is a mystic-type striker who shoots a firework straight at an enemy when she uses her EX Skill. The firework deals damage proportional to her ATK to the first enemy it hits and deals continuous Burn damage for 20 seconds.

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