Animal Super Squad update adds new vehicles, mode, and editor tools to Xbox One version

Indie publisher Digerati is delighted to confirm that an update for Animal Super Squad on Xbox One has been released, adding a new game mode, two new vehicles, a selection of editor tools, and a few choice tweaks for good measure to developer DoubleMoose Games’ physics-based adventure.

Patch Notes

Added a new Game Mode – Score Mode!

  • Community levels can now have two different game modes, timed and scored!
  • Timed community levels work just like normal – just play through the level as fast as possible to get the best time!
  • Scored community levels feature a score to determine how well you have performed. The person with the most score becomes the leader of the high score! We’re anxious to see what our community will manage to break with this new cool component

Editor updates

  • New Object: Text Object, write text in the game! Don’t write anything offensive though, because that’s rude
  • New Component: Score Component, use this to set the score for the score game mode! If you think it’s confusing… don’t worry, we do too!

Added two new vehicles: Badkar and Plane!

  • Badkar is a vehicle with no wheels, but instead hovers over the ground! Use the boost to jump and get past dangerous traps!
  • Plane is a… plane. You can fly with it! But beware – if the propeller breaks, you just end up with a below average vehicle

Updated old vehicles to work a bit better

  • All vehicles have in general updated wheel settings and mesh settings to function better and to be more stable
  • Pogostick now has updated controls, except for leaning with it you can now also use the boost to retract the pogostick in order to give you a less than satisfying jump!
  • A.S.S.R now boosts on throttle and generally works a bit better, it’s still pretty bad though

Level changes

  • Removed a mine from the level ‘Kristaller’, which caused issues on certain platforms
  • Added more shipped community levels for those who don’t have access to online
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