Anime MMORPG SoulWorker Halloween Update Details

Free-to-play anime MMORPG SoulWorker is offering players plenty of chilling challenges – and sweet rewards – this Halloween season with a series of in-game and social media events starting today. Throughout the festival, players can complete fun mazes, enjoy special participation bonuses and purchase limited-edition costumes for their SoulWorkers.

The celebration kicks off in-game on Thursday, October 21st with the “Moonlight Party” maze event, where any players above level 30 can fight their way to a truly spooky final boss, the Halloween Pumpkin Witch. The maze is designed as an easy course, allowing players to simply enjoy the experience.

Players who successfully complete the “Moonlight Party” maze will receive special event currency:

  • Halloween Costume Coins, which players can use to purchase special costumes inspired by ghosts, will-of-the-wisps, pumpkins and other familiar Halloween figures;
  • Candy Baskets, which can be traded for various useful items.

For players looking for a more difficult challenge, the “Scary Daydream” maze will also be available. Players over level 72 can enter the maze through the Golden Citadel to conquer its obstacles and collect large amounts of Zenny.

The SoulWorker Halloween update also makes available to purchase several limited-edition costumes:

  • “Sacred Judgment,” styled after nobles and priests;
  • “Nightmarish Incubus” and “Nightmarish Succubus;”
  • “Royalty in the Pale Night” and “Hunters in the Pale Night;”
  • “Trick or Treat.”

For the first time ever, players will be able to outfit these costumes on the new sniper character Lee Nabi, who arrived in the game in July.

Additionally, special Halloween A.R. Transmitters and What’ll We Pick Cubes will be on sale throughout the celebration. Players looking to outfit their My Rooms with Halloween flair can also purchase the Gothic and Halloween furniture packages at 50 percent off their original prices.

The celebration also offers special participation bonuses to help players grow their SoulWorker characters at a faster rate. Users who log in from October28th – 29th and Nov. 2rd – 3rd will receive Upgrade +100 percent, EXP +50 percent, and Zenny +50 percent buffs. From October 30th to November 1st, users will receive EXP +30 percent, Zenny +100 percent, and Drop Rate +100 percent.

“In order to greet this Halloween season with lots of fun and creeps, we made sure to reflect users’ needs in this update,” YongNam Jo, SoulWorker product director, Lion Games. “We work hard to make the game enjoyable for users, and we’re hosting special events to sweeten the experience even more. We hope that our fans will be able to enjoy Halloween further with SoulWorker.”

The Halloween festivities are underway on social media, as well, offering a chance for the most dedicated players to win special in-game items. The main attraction is the second season of SoulWorker: Crime Scene, which runs on official social accounts through Wednesday, October 27th, 2021. In this special social media story challenge, players must decipher from six different hints to solve two all-new SoulWorker mysteries.

During the event, four randomly selected commenters will receive the special Halloween furniture package. Those who successfully solve the mysteries will receive two Random Dye Eyedroppers for the first story and three A.R. Transmitters for the second.

Players can also strut their stuff in a Halloween-themed fashion contest by uploading screenshots of their SoulWorker characters in Halloween attire to Steam. At 200 screenshots posted, all accounts will receive the in-game item “Chloe Above Head.”

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