Animus Connor Introduced As Latest PureArts and Ubisoft Animus Line Product

Connor Kenway’s fight for freedom has come to Ratonhnhaké:ton protected his village from the Templars in Assassin’s Creed® III, following in the footsteps of his grandfather Edward and becoming the next Kenway assassin: Connor Kenway. Pre-orders for the Assassin’s Creed Animus Connor ¼ Scale Statue open now on

Standing over the bloody hat of a fallen British soldier in front of a Betsey Ross flag, Connor is ready to fight for freedom. His spirit animal, the wolf, stands behind him in a fully sculpted ¼ scale. Connor stands fully equipped with his tomahawk, bow and arrow, saber, and Assassin hidden blades. PureArts’ signature LED Animus effect lines the wintery trees of the snowy rock bluff in the Mohawk Valley. The PureArts Exclusive Edition includes a wearable replica of Connor’s bear claw necklace. Limited to only 250 units, the Animus Connor ¼ Scale Statue Exclusive Edition is PureArts’ smallest edition size in the entire Animus ¼ scale statue line.

  • Licensed by Ubisoft
  • Hyperdetailed sculpt with stunning clothing textures and details
  • LED Animus Effect
  • Fully sculpted ¼ scale wolf
  • Weapons include tomahawk, bow, quiver of arrow, saber, and hidden blades
  • Exclusive Item: wearable replica of Connor’s bear claw necklace
  • Scale: 1/4
  • Exclusive Edition Size: 250, Standard Edition Size: 2250
  • MSRP: $899.00
  • Available: Worldwide
  • Dimensions: 22 x 17.7 x 29.5 inches (65 x 44 x 37 cm)
  • Weight: 20 lbs (9 kg)
  • Estimated Delivery: Q4 2023

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