Announcing Stellar Stars 1.2: Rise Of Magic Free-To-Play Weekend!

Do You Have What It Takes To Reach The Stars?

Stellar Stars is the 1st Ever Multiplayer Online Rogue-lite Arena (MORA) that passionately cooks the best of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) and Rogue-lites together, empowering you with the ability to level up in direct and interactive ways, while fighting other players in a sci-fi & fantasy world with procedurally generated stages. WhiteSponge today announced that Stellar Stars 1.2: Rise Of Magic Open Beta will be available for download as a free-to-play weekend directly from Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) itself this coming March 2nd to March 5th 2017.

Stellar Stars Steam Store Page –

Stellar Stars 1.2: Rise Of Magic Open Beta Announcement Trailer –

Rise Of Magic New Features

  • A new character – Vona joins the character line-up!
  • New powerful spells for you to wreck havoc in the arenas!
  • New animations for all current attacks!
  • Double Jumping!
  • More detailed character-specific information & description
  • Health bars for bosses!

Stellar Stars Key Features

  • Challenge other players (up to 4) in the fast-paced, competitive and procedurally generated arenas!
  • Climb your way up the multiplayer leagues by grabbing trophies from winning matches!
  • Enjoy free content updates forever!
  • Couch and play against your friend at the same time with the local versus mode!
  • Leap higher! Sprint faster! Decide and choose from the many fun ways to progress your character when you level up!
  • Explore various worlds filled with unique enemies and overpowered bosses in the story mode!
  • Experience the best gameplay with an Xbox One Controller!
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