Another Eden Celebrates Second Anniversary with New Character by Drakengard Designer

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, the mobile adventure game across time and space from WFS, celebrates the second anniversary of its global launch with Ver. 2.6.200, “Ally Encounter Melissa,” on the App Store and Google Play Store today.

Game creator Kimihiko Fujisaka (Drakengard series, Terra Battle, Bakumatsu Rock, The Last Story) brings Melissa to life alongside a playable cast of over one hundred characters. In honor of the global release’s second anniversary, Melissa marks the first time Another Eden’s global version debuts a character before its Japanese release.

Enjoy increased login bonuses and a gift of up to 1000 Chronos Stones during the event period. In the special 2nd Anniversary Encounter, characters from the “2nd Annual Character Popularity Vote” are featured.

Ver 2.6.200 Update Information

  • Encounters
    • Ally Encounter Melissa… New Character Melissa is available
    • Fateful Encounter (Paid, 1 Time Only) is available
    • 2nd Anniversary is available
    • Fateful Encounter 2nd Anniversary (Paid, 2 Times Max) is available
    • Note: This encounter features characters from the top 20 “2nd Annual Character Popularity Vote” results and their Another Styles (main story characters do not appear)
    • The “Ally Encounters” under Regular Encounters were updated

Campaign Information

  • Increased login bonuses!
    • Chronos Stones x20 -> Chronos Stones x50
    • Duration: January 28, 2021 15:00 (UTC) – February 9, 2021 14:59 (UTC)
  • Chronos Stone Sale Information
    • A limited time 2000 Chronos Stone package
    • A limited time 4000 Chronos Stone package
    • Duration: January 29, 2021 3:00 (UTC) – February 9, 2021 14:59 (UTC)
    • Each Chronos Stone package can be purchased twice


  • Campaign where users can get a Rainbow Radiance Drop if they start one of the continuations to the main story.
    • Use the Rainbow Radiance Drop to select one element among fire, water, wind, or earth and then encounter a character from that element (5★ guaranteed)
    • Each user can receive a maximum of one Rainbow Radiance Drop by starting one of the specified continuations to the main story after updating to version 2.6.100

Chapters included in campaign:

  • Chapter 26 of the main story
  • Chapter 45 of the main story
  • Chapter 56 of the main story
  • Chapter 67 of the main story

Duration: From updating to 2.6.100 to March 20, 2021 14:59 (UTC)

Note: Applies to only main stories started after updating to version 2.6.100.

Note: Each user can only receive one Rainbow Radiance Drop (even if the user meets multiple requirements, they will not receive multiple Rainbow Radiance Drops).

Note: The Rainbow Radiance Drop encounters consist of characters released in the Gallery of Dreams from version 2.4.400 or earlier. You will get one random 5★ class character with elemental skills corresponding to the element of the encounter you choose.

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