Anvil Empires: A Vast World of Massively Multiplayer War

Siege Camp, the developer behind the popular Foxhole game, has announced their latest creation, Anvil Empires, a massively multiplayer war game set in a persistent online world. Players will have the chance to forge their own empires, build settlements, grow towns, and join massive armies of up to a thousand players to engage in a large scale game of conquest that takes weeks to unfold.

With Anvil Empires, Siege Camp aims to redefine the massively multiplayer genre by giving players a dynamic, open world sandbox with no safe zones or artificial barriers to combat. The game utilizes custom server technology, allowing players to step into the shoes of a single soldier within a massive army of up to a thousand players. In this vast world, players can define the narrative of the conflict, and battles take place organically, driven by the players’ actions and choices.

In Anvil Empires, players will discover that wars are not won solely on the battlefield. The key to success is a well-developed economy that is entirely player-driven. As players support the war effort by building settlements, growing them from hamlets to bustling towns with farming and hunting industries, they will have the chance to trade with friendly neighboring villages or raid enemy bases for resources. They can also establish supply camps and logistics lines to keep player armies well fed and armed. Siege camps can be created for blockading towns and constructing war machines for breaching the walls of enemy strongholds.

Siege Camp has been developing Anvil Empires for several years, and they have established a second team dedicated to this project. The studio is excited to enter the next stage with the upcoming Pre-Alpha test. With the expansion of the studio, Siege Camp will continue to redefine the massively multiplayer genre across both Foxhole and Anvil Empires simultaneously.

Anvil Empires promises to be a unique and immersive experience for players who crave strategic gameplay and large-scale warfare. The game is set to be a new addition to the massively multiplayer genre, offering a world of endless possibilities to explore and conquer.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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