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Apex Legends has no doubt made a name for itself in the Battle Royale scene. The fast-paced, fluid, and intuitive gameplay has established it (in my opinion) as one of the best-feeling shooters available. Through its time in its initial spotlight as well as its current popularity (though smaller than before), there have been issues that have plagued the game … some fixed and some still very prevalent. From item duplication to game crashes, there have been a ton of bugs that have been fixed over Apex Legends’ lifespan (but among those updates there have also been new bugs introduced). Upon the release of a recent patch, after signing-in certain players found that they had all of their progress reset back to zero. This caused servers to shut down in order for the team at Respawn Entertainment to figure out what went wrong. This was quickly fixed and players had their progress restored. Even more recently, there was also a patch on PS4 that (after being released) started to cause game crashes for many players … resulting in an investigation and subsequent disabling of a bugged in-game player “Banner Card.” These are only some examples of how fixes and additions to Apex Legends through its updates have managed to negatively affect the game.


An issue that still remains prevalent in the game and has been there since the launch revolves around Wraith — one of the most popular Legends in game. Her ultimate ability allows her to create a portal. You choose the start location then Wraith becomes unable to use her weapons and her movement speed greatly increases. You are then able to run a specific distance before an exit portal appears or you can choose where to place it by ending the ability. The bug that’s involved with this ability allows players to create infinite amounts of these portal tunnels over and over without the ability going on the cooldown that is intended. This is very unfair, and I personally run into this in almost EVERY game. Another bug with Wraith allows her to infinitely use her phase ability when a zipline is close by again, providing an unfair advantage. These bugs need to be fixed in order for there to be proper balance in a game that aims to please its players.

Apex Run

The biggest issue I have encountered with Apex Legends has personally made my game unplayable. For the past two weeks or more, Apex Legends has been broken for me. Since the update released addressing Gibraltar and Caustic and adding their new reinforced perk (the game audio for me on PS4 has been so broken that it is unplayable). When I get into one-vs-one gun fights, the audio becomes choppy and distorted also causing a slight frame rate drop. When the gun fights are big and include more than one team, the audio becomes completely distorted and extremely loud as well as frame skipping and freezing. This is extremely disappointing as I really like Apex Legends (so much so that I purchased the season one battle pass). This issue is widespread and affecting many players, but not all. It has finally been addressed by the developers at Respawn Entertainment but they did not go into any detail and have given no timeline for a fix.

Apex Champion

This issue tied with a very apparent lack of new content after the release of season one, has sadly made Apex Legends become something that I cannot enjoy. I truly hope that the there is a fix on the horizon and that it comes fast as I feel like my money has been wasted on the season one battle pass. As a voice for many people I have seen posting online, I really hope that Respawn Entertainment are taking this issue seriously.

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