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The latest update for Apex Legends is now live on all platforms, and it has brought an excellent addition of content and cosmetic items. With the release of The Iron Crown, there’s now a new in-game event store, new event specific challenges, brand new loot boxes exclusive to the event, and a new earnable currency that allows players to purchase items from the aforementioned event store. Along with all of this, we have also seen the addition of Solo mode — which has been greatly anticipated by the community. This article will go over all the key things you need to know about The Iron Crown event as well as the new solo mode.

Iron Crown Event Store

First off, let’s review what cosmetics are available through The Iron Crown event in-depth.

There are a total of 24 new cosmetics available (all of which are of Legendary or Epic rarity). These vary from Weapon Skins, Legend Skins, Legend Banners, and Legend themed music tracks. All of these items are available through the Iron Crown themed Apex Packs (or loot crates) that award players items from the pool of 24 new cosmetics with the guarantee of no duplicates. Each pack contains a 50% chance at a Legendary item or 50% chance at an Epic item — as well as the guarantee of 30 Crown Coins per each Iron Crown Apex Pack. Each Iron Crown Pack can be purchased for 700 Apex Coins or you can purchase 10  for 7,000 Apex Coins. Aside from the purchasable Iron Crown Apex Packs, the team at Respawn Entertainment have stated that among the in-game event specific challenges, there will be two challenges available that will award one Iron Crown Apex Pack each. The other additions in the form of cosmetics are found within the new “Event Shop” tab in-game. Here you will find two Weapon Skins, three Legend Banners, and one Iron Crown themed music pack. All of these items are purchasable with Crown Coins. These Crown Coins are earned through the new in-game challenges made available to players and as well (as mentioned before )through purchasing Iron Crown Apex Packs.

Iron Crown Event Store 1

With tons of new cosmetics added to the game as well as new challenges to complete in order to score some awesome loot, there are loads of gamers playing Apex Legends’ Iron Crown event with most (if not all) of the new challenges available in the regular squad mode. There has been no reason for players to not be trying the new Solo Mode as many gamers have been asking for it since the game’s launch … and it has finally arrived. With a fair bit of time spent in the Solo Mode myself, I can say that I really enjoy it. Yes, being third-partied by someone when there’s no chance at recovery is more annoying than in the traditional Squad Mode … but the fast paced-ness and gun skill aspects of Apex Legends really shine in Solo Mode. Going from 1v1 to a 1v1v1 (and sometimes even reaching fights upwards of six different solo players or more all in one) really makes you think about your movement and choices in a fight … which in turn helps you refine your in-game decision making. All in all, I have enjoyed my time in the new Solo Mode and I really hope to see Respawn Entertainment make Solos a permanent game mode in Apex Legends as it is currently planned as a limited time event. If you enjoy the new Solo Mode, please be sure to leave your feedback on Respawn Entertainment’s official pages (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit).

Iron Crown Event Shop 1

With the release of The Iron Crown event, there were also numerous quality of life updates and bug fixes that help make Apex Legends even better. The biggest change has come in the form of a new addition to Kings Canyon (the map). The team at Respawn Entertainment have added a large area that is themed around Octane (one of the playable Legends) called the “Octane’s Gauntlet Ring Of FIre” … It’s a new area in Kings Canyon with launch pads and an agility course area for players to loot and play around in. There really is nothing else major in the update patch notes besides the slight UI (user interface) changes to the “after death” display when someone eliminates you and the post-game information screen. Upon death, it now displays more information about how you died and what the enemy was using against you, and after a match finishes there is now a clear display of progression for your battle pass experience gains. Besides these slight changes, everything else was to address in-game bugs and provide better game stability. For a full list of these patch notes, please visit the official Apex Legends Subreddit where there is an extensive list of the latest changes.

Iron Crown Event

With The Iron Crown event being available for a limited time, Apex Legends players are hard at work completing the latest challenges available to them in order to obtain the event items while they can. In my personal opinion, the price of the new Iron Crown Apex Packs are too high. Usually one regular Apex Pack costs 100 Apex Coins. The Iron Crown Apex Packs cost 700 Apex Coins each — putting them at a much higher cost. Yes, they do only reward you with a Legendary or Epic item instead of the chance at rare or common items … but it is still only one item per Iron Crown Apex Pack with a total of 24 possible items to unlock. If players want to receive every item from The Iron Crown event available through these new packs, it is not going to be cheap. Personally, I will not be buying any of these new Iron Crown Apex Packs as I cannot justify the prices they are asking. Do not let me deter you though, if there is something you really want from this new event then by all means purchase the new Iron Crown Apex Packs. Going forward, I hope that Respawn Entertainment received enough feedback about how much new Iron Crown Themed content is locked behind a paywall and they adjust things to be more earnable in-game for future events. The last thing to be noted is there will be a Double Experience weekend from Friday, August 16th to Sunday, August 19th. This will apply to in game level as well as battle pass progression.


The Iron Crown has definitely introduced some unique cosmetics and an excellent new game mode — which has helped the game maintain its popularity in the gaming community. New players and old players alike are hopping into the high octane, fast paced, smooth gameplay of Apex Legends every single day and it’s still free to play — so try it out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC today!

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