Apex Legends – Season One

Apex Legends Season One “Wild Frontier” is upon us, gracing its player-base with a brand new Battle Pass, an additional playable Legend, and a slew of quality-of-life updates to the current features in the game. Eagerly awaited for by players, it’s now been in the hands of gamers worldwide for more than 24 hours. So how does the Battle Pass and new Legend compare to the hype they had built up around them through various leaks and insider hints? The overall reception has been astounding across the board on all forms of new content available.

Battle Pass

Here’s a quick overview of the newly added content within the Battle Pass: new voice lines, banner poses, banner frames, weapon skins, player skins, stat trackers, badges and even loot boxes, apex coins, and a brand new reactive camo for the Havoc Rifle. Throughout the 100 tiers of the Battle Pass, you unlock various cosmetics for the many Legends in Apex Legends, and the team at Respawn Entertainment have done a great job in creating new content for a content hungry community.


On the topic of new content, we have to mention the new Legend added in Season one named “Octane.” In my opinion, Octane has one of the coolest personalities out of any of the current Legends available. This character is a “Punk Rock” maniac with robotic legs who has the ability to regain health when out of battle, boost movement speed at the cost of some health, and place a launch pad that sends players flying in the direction they step onto it. With excellent voice quips and awesome-looking legendary skins paired with unique abilities, Octane has become one of the more selected characters right out of Season One’s gates. As players spend more time with Octane, he is only going to get better (like finding new places to plant a launch pad to reach sneaky areas or escape from a fight to use the passive heal ability while out of combat). These attributes and tactics will become more refined over time as players get used to Octane’s playstyle and abilities. If you have not tried Octane yet then save up your Legend Coins and purchase him when you can because you may find that he is tons of fun to play!

The last set of new features to touch on for Season One is the quality of life updates across both console and PC. A full list of the path notes can be found on the Apex Legends subReddit, but the major points to cover will be outlined below.

Starting off, various stability issues have been addressed on PC as well as newly added cheat reporting systems across all platforms. Various UI, controller, and visual settings have been added or changed for players to tweak to their liking as well as other quality-of-life updates to certain parts of the map and features in the game world. The first major changes in the notes are the adjustments of three Legends’ hitboxes in game. Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder had their hitboxes adjusted to better suit their player models (which was one of the biggest outcrys from the community so far as they were easier to hit than other Legends). On the topic of Legends, they have reduced the movement speed of Bangalore’s passive as well as an overall buff to all of Caustic’s abilities. Pathfinder also had two more survey beacons added to the map for his passive ability. The last part of the patch notes lists a slew of bug fixes that have been added, fixing many issues players have run into while playing since the initial release of the game. If you’re curious about the full extent of the patch notes, be sure to visit the Apex Legends subReddit.

Battle Pass Costs

Now that the new season is upon us, players of Apex Legends are happy to keep playing whether they win or lose as they unlock new levels in their Battle Pass. Even if you have not purchased the Battle Pass, the team at Respawn Entertainment have still offered rewards to all players for Season One with a smaller free stream of content. I can confidently say that at about level 18 in the Battle Pass, I am pleased with what I have already earned and am eager to keep earning more. So, if you have not done it yet, go download Apex Legends on your platform of choice and join the millions of gamers worldwide who are enjoying an awesome game with an excellent flow of content! As always you can look to GameingLyfe.com for informed and updated outlooks on various aspects of the gaming industry as well as reliable and accurate Apex Legends updates and news.

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