Apex Legends – Update 1.06 News

The latest update for Apex Legends is out now on all platforms, and it’s brought new changes and bug fixes. There was a major issue that had been introduced with this patch that actually managed to slip under the radar of the Respawn Entertainment team. This glitch resulted in player progress being completely reset after logging in! Having received reports of this issue immediately following the release of the update, Respawn Entertainment shut down Apex Legends’ servers in order to prevent additional players from losing progress as well as look for a fix for the issue. After about eight hours of downtime, the servers were turned back on and all players who had lost their progress had it restored — finally allowing players to see what the recent update had to offer.


The full patch notes are available on the official Apex Legends SubReddit, and they can be viewed there in full. Although it was a small patch, there were some welcomed additions. There’s now a “Last Squad” feature allowing you to join back with teammates that the matchmaking system had paired you with, enabling you to keep playing with teammates that you liked or played well with. This is an excellent feature that the community has been asking for! They have also fixed multiple in-game bugs that have caused issues for many players (crash reports have been added to specific crashes on PC to allow players to better understand what is affecting their performance). Another change introduced with the latest patch is that Wraith is not able to interact with Octane’s jump-pad while using her “into the void” ability. Players are also now reporting that weapon skins are being unlocked through “Apex Packs” for a new weapon rumoured to be coming to Apex Legends — the “L-Star.” Screenshots of skins being received have all but confirmed that the new weapon should be arriving in-game very soon as this is exactly what had happened with Octane and the Havoc just before they were officially added to the game. As always, the newest patch for Apex Legends has brought great additions to the game overall (even with the slight hiccup they had with its release).

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The team at Respawn Entertainment have taken an interesting route for community communication. With the addition of the “Last Squad” feature, it goes to show that even though Respawn is relatively very quiet on the announcement side of things, they seem to be actively listening to the community on reddit. This feature has been requested since the game’s launch and they went ahead and added it with zero notice. Going forward, keep in mind that although you may not hear much from Respawn Entertainment on a regular basis, they are hard at work shaping Apex Legends in a way the community wants to see it go. Communication is key in keeping the game’s progress on track with the player-base, and increased community interaction would not hinder the game’s development at all. So, moving forward, I hope to see increased interaction between Respawn Entertainment and the massive Apex Legends community.

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