Apocalyptic Builder I Am Future Enters Steam Early Access on May 18th

The world might have ended, but that’s all the more reason to take it easy with your robot pals – launching into Early Access on May 18th

The apocalypse doesn’t have to be miserable if you’ve got a gorgeous rooftop garden, your own personal fishing hole, and a swarm of robot pals. Join developers Mandragora and publisher tinyBuild for your first taste of the end-of-the-world life in the I Am Future Demo, available now on Steam, ahead of its Early Access launch on May 18th!

In I Am Future, you find yourself awakened from cryogenic sleep on top of an overgrown rooftop surrounded by ocean. Earth has been evacuated, and you’ve been left behind with nothing but a bionic arm and a few robots needing repairs. On the plus side, the views are fantastic, and there are fresh fruits and vegetables growing nearby. With a little elbow grease (and some WD-40 for your robot arm), this could be a nice place to live.

Upgrade your arm, scavenge resources, pick plants, craft workbenches, and plant gardens. There’s a lot of work to do, but once you’re set-up, you’ll be free to kick back and go fishing, then cook up a fresh meal every day. Plus, a savvy engineer knows how to delegate. Build yourself some robot pals to share the load, and this apocalypse stuff could be downright cushy.

There’s no fighting for your life in I Am Future, but you will have to tend to your territory. The end of the old world brings new threats, with mutant bugs appearing at night to nibble on your plants and suck your electronics dry. Nothing a can of insecticide can’t fix, but not every night can be relaxing. As for what happened here, why you can’t remember anything? That’s a mystery for you to unravel one thread at a time. Fix up those robots, start asking questions, and maybe send some drones out to scout the surrounding city for clues. I’m sure it’ll make sense eventually. There’s no need to rush.

The full version of I Am Future will feature an extensive story-driven campaign and a freeform sandbox mode, letting you enjoy this blue-and-green paradise however you see fit. Dive into the demo now on Steam, and wishlist the game now. I Am Future launches into Early Access on May 18th.

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