Arabic Esports Companies Announce New Partnerships


In recent years, new eSports companies have been rising and conquering large spaces in the market of online sports, gaming, and live tournaments. The eSports industry seems to be one of the most flourishing investment opportunities of time. It already accounts for a huge number of players but even more fans, streamers, commentators, and eSports bettors.

As you can see, there’s a growing segment of the market working to further eSports events. The opportunity for huge profits with eSports tournaments has encouraged wealthy Middle Eastern investors to put their money into these endeavors.

eSports Expanding Into The Middle East

The United Arab Emirates has emerged as the most fertile ground for the development and expansion of the eSports market. With at least 70% of the population under 30 years old, the Emirates can boast a public largely favorable to video gaming and eSports. Also, eSports fans in the middle east have shown a great love of online eSports betting on their favorite teams. The popularity of eSports betting only furthers the appeal of this industry. The region has a longstanding tradition of betting on sports like camel races, F1 racing, football, and many others. Now, the future of sports appears to be on the internet, and the betting segment is also following with dedicated online platforms.

But the UAE is not the only place in the region where eSports are experiencing great successes. Israel is also showing its potential in this area with BLAST Premier, an eSports tournament organizer, recently announcing its expansion into the Israeli market. The tournament will be in partnership with Gaming Channel, Israel’s first 24/7 eSports and gaming channel. The agreement between the two parties calls for four tournaments: Fall Groups in September, Showdown in October, Final in November, and World Final in December.

UAE-Based eSports Firms Partnership Network

As you can see, eSports are emerging in the Middle East region as one of the most dynamic and engaging new industries. The dynamism of the relationships among the leading eSports organizers and local TV channels or other companies look promising for the future of eSports events in the region and the world.

Dubai has already created a dedicated eSports facility to host the world’s most relevant tournaments. Dubai’s arena is currently one of the best stadiums for eSports worldwide and the largest in the entire MENA region. The enthusiasm of local investors and authorities allows the full expansion of eSports in the Emirates, where several companies are already forming business partnerships.

Yalla eSports is a forerunner in the creation of new partnerships within the eSports community. It has recently signed agreements with Zain Esports and Tokyo Games. As a consequence, Yalla eSports will develop new opportunities for local gamers through its partners which include Western Digital and Logitech. Another goal of these business agreements is to join forces in order to launch large-scale events like major tournaments, live shows, and sponsorships.

Tokyo Games plays a relevant role in the panorama of eSports in the MENA region: it’s Saudi Arabia’s leading video game and entertainment software provider. Tokyo Games will sponsor Yalla eSports teams within the UAE and Yalla’s merchandise will be available in all Tokyo Games stores. This new partnership between two giant-sized eSports firms should offer more chances to join teams and improve their talents. 


New Opportunities For The Next Generations

The partnership also focuses on helping aspiring professional players, streamers, commentators, and other figures to find their way into the eSports field in the MENA region. According to this market study, the region accounts for one of the world’s fastest-growing markets in terms of gaming revenue.

In particular, the MENA region reaches 15% of global eSports revenue; second to only the Asia-Pacific area, which alone holds 55% of the world’s market revenue in the gaming field. The MENA region stands out for its highly dynamic market growth. This region accounts for the highest number of players. A market trend is expected to continue in the future.

There are significant aspects that allow fast development of the eSports industry in the region. The percentage of the population which is connected to the internet is growing exponentially year over year. Local governments are also working to improve internet infrastructures to provide more connectivity for the citizens. Finally, mobile internet data plans are widely more affordable today than a decade ago.

In conclusion, the favorable market condition in the MENA region will continue to attract western developers to the area. The future holds new partnerships in the region as the world’s investors begin to recognize the potential of eSports and the Middle East.

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