Arcadia Postpones Requisition VR Until September

A statement was released today from Oliver Smirnoff  General Producer of Arcadia VR regarding the postponement of the upcoming VR title Requisition. The release date has now been moved to sometime in September.

Hello everyone,

We made a difficult decision to postpone the EA release of Requisition VR to September.
Please accept our deepest apologies.

Unfortunately, we found some unexpected bugs and got lots of helpful feedback on how to improve the game after the first beta test. We are arranging new beta test waves, so please join our Discord to fill the application to become a beta tester. Most of the players who have filled out an application for participation in the beta test will be able to participate in it. Also those players who participated previously will be able to enjoy a new beta test to see the progress of the game. Huge thanks to our previous, current and of course future beta testers!

We understand that we made promises and you’ve been waiting for the release long enough but we want you to get the game you would love and enjoy. Two years ago our first project Hinge was a game that we took out of the oven too early but now having expertise and experience we want to keep the Requisition VR there a little bit longer. We are constantly working on the game and planning to add a redesigned crafting system, new game modes, significantly improved melee combat and gunplay.

We also want to announce that we are working on the PC version of Requisition VR. Our community asked for it and we decided to implement it. This decision will help us to expand our community and bring the game to a great number of players. You will be able to play the game alone or with your friends whether you have a headset or not.

Thank you for being with us and your continued support!

Best regards,
Oliver Smirnoff
General Producer of Arcadia VR

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