ArcheAge’s Summer Update Introduces Revolutionary Daru Transformation System and Exciting PvP Features

ArcheAge enthusiasts have something to look forward to this summer as Kakao Games and XLGAMES announce the highly-anticipated Summer Update for their popular MMO. Building on the success of the previous Spring Update, this new content release brings a game-changing transformation system called the Daru, thrilling 10v10 flag wars, and a global arena beta that allows players worldwide to engage in epic battles. Scheduled for release on June 22nd, this update not only introduces exciting gameplay elements but also includes various quality of life improvements and skill balancing to enhance the overall ArcheAge experience.

Unveiling the Adorable Daru Transformation Skill

At the forefront of this update is the introduction of the Daru, an adorable and unique transformation skill in ArcheAge. The Daru possess a deep aversion to conflict, a fondness for wealth, and a remarkable range of abilities that excel in various fields such as trading, farming, livestock management, and auction house operations. Players can unlock these capabilities by obtaining the “Daru Transformation Scroll” through a key quest. Once activated, players assume the appearance, stats, and style of the Daru, enabling them to:

  • Shapeshift into the Daru form, immersing themselves in the character’s distinctive attributes.
  • Experience increased movement speed while riding a Donkey mount and carrying a Trade Pack.
  • Explore the depths of the ocean with the ability to breathe underwater.
  • Enhance swimming speed by an impressive 20%.
  • Utilize the Daru Speciality Preservation Bag up to seven times per week, facilitating resource gathering and management.
  • Unleash additional damage potential for the “Big Reel In” at the Mirage Isle Fish-Fest.

However, players must bear in mind that embracing the Daru transformation comes at a cost. Previous racial skills, combat skills (excluding basic skills), and access to instances will be temporarily unavailable. The Daru transformation presents an excellent opportunity for players seeking to delve into the immersive world of ArcheAge, engage in exploration, gather resources, mine, farm, and more, providing a refreshing new perspective on the game.

Thrilling Flag Wars

Alongside the Daru transformation, ArcheAge’s Summer Update introduces the exciting Flag War feature. Pit against one another, two teams consisting of ten players each will engage in intense battles, devoid of factions and centered solely on capturing flags. Upon entering the arena, players will be automatically divided into Red and Blue teams.

Strategically placed flags will appear in specific areas at the beginning of each match, compelling players to seize the flag and score points by returning it to their base. However, carrying the flag will reduce movement speed and restrict the use of Gliders and Magithopters, although players will retain the ability to dash, allowing for evasion tactics. The team that reaches 250 points first emerges victorious, with each successful flag return contributing 10 points, and each enemy kill granting 2 points.

To add further excitement, players can acquire beneficial buffs from the Blessing area, randomly assigned from a selection that includes increased movement speed, damage reduction, debuff immunity, and even temporary invincibility. Additionally, players can seek advantage by concealing themselves within glowing stealth bushes, granting them a strategic edge by remaining hidden from adversaries during combat.

Global Arena Beta

The ArcheAge Summer Update also marks the commencement of the “Make a Splash” global arena beta service in June. Players across the four service regions of Korea, Asia, North America, and Europe will have the opportunity to form teams and engage in thrilling arena battles together. The global arena will be conveniently accessible through a globe icon located within the Instances UI. During the beta phase, players can participate in the global arena, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition among adventurers from diverse regions. Following the beta period, the arena will undergo further improvements and expand its instances, ensuring that adventurers from various parts of the world can continue to enjoy this exciting content.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, GeForce Now

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