SQUARE ENIX® celebrates the arrival of autumn with several new promotions for the hit mobile game DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® OPERA OMNIA™. With loads of new content to experience and an array of in-game rewards to earn, both newcomers and seasoned players alike can look forward to battling with their favorite FINAL FANTASY characters.

Starting today, players can dive into the first part of Act 2’s finale. By playing through the new story content, all players can add FINAL FANTASY XV’s infamous villain Ardyn to their roster of characters. To accompany Ardyn’s addition to the game, players can also obtain the following:

  • New Weapons – Players can obtain Ardyn’s powerful BT weapon, Blade of Ruin (XV), from a series of limited-time banners, available now through October 22. The first multi draw from these particular banners will be free for all players. Ardyn’s LD and EX weapons, Katana of the Warrior (XV) and Ifrit’s Sword (XV), are also available from a limited-time story banner, now through October 7.
  • Ardyn Costume – An alternate costume for Ardyn, based on his appearance featured in the FINAL FANTASY XV DLC Episode Ardyn, is available for purchase now until October 22.

  • Story Raid Event – From September 29 until October 13, players can tackle this limited-time story raid event, entitled “The Final Battlefield ~Shinryu Raid~”, to earn additional rewards.

Today until November 5, players can enjoy the following Autumn Festival limited-time promotions in-game:

  • First Free Multi Draws – The first multi draw from eight special draws will be free to all players, including four banners offering Ardyn’s powerful BT weapon.
  • Free Daily Multi Draw – From October 12 until October 30, players can perform one free multi draw daily from a special banner featuring protagonists. Totaling a maximum of 18 free draws, this banner features the powerful and rare EX weapons of protagonists from of their respective FINAL FANTASY titles represented within DFFOO.
  • Autumn Co-op Event – Players can participate in two co-op events, available between October 12 and 30, to earn tokens which can be exchanged for draw tickets, gems and more.
  • Additional Campaigns include:
    • Rewards and Kactuar appearance rates are doubled in Cycle Quests.
    • In the World of Illusions: Carbuncle, players will have a chance of triple rewards if they encounter the Magic Pot.
    • Players can earn gems, realization materials and more from limited-time Autumn Chocobo Panel Missions.
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