Are the changes making you Twitch?

Two of the biggest changes to Twitch have been announced as part of the Discovery Changes coming in September. All of this effort is being put forth to help viewers find streamers they will want to return to watch again and again. Twitch is used to stream a variety of topics, not only gamers looking to stream their games live for viewers. The most significant change that seems to be shaking the Twitch world is the removal of Communities in exchange for improvements to Tags and Categories.

Tags are being added as useful tools to help streamers tell viewers what makes their stream unique, and can be seen anywhere the stream can be found. In addition, they will be shown beside the video thumbnail, the stream title, and even the game or category you’re streaming. Updates will be implemented to allow viewers to filter by tags. While some tags will be automatically selected by Twitch, such as genre or a tag based on what’s happening ingame, most tags will be manually selected from a preordained list at the live dashboard.

Without Communities, a stronger focus will be given toward Categories. IRL and Creative are being removed, but ten more will be added in the hopes of better describing the streamer’s content. These categories are Art, Hobbies & Crafts, Food & Drink, Music & Performing Arts, Beauty & Body Art, Science & Technology, Just Chatting, Travel & Outdoors, Sports & Fitness, Tabletop RPGs, Special Events, Talk Shows & Podcasts, and finally ASMR. This change is being made in part to help the non-gaming streamers reach an audience, to help everyone better describe their stream, and the search process more straightforward for viewers. The Browse page will be adjusted to show gaming and non-gaming categories all at once, while the tags streamers choose will be utilized to help viewers filter through categories and streamers.


all-in-all we can be hopeful these changes are for the better. Based on the information provided by Twitch’s Trello at there is a great amount of work still in progress and details to straighten out. Twitch has a goal of making these features available the middle of September on the website first to improve on the concept before being added to the desktop and mobile app. Rolling out new changes, especially the kind that impacts a large number of users all at once, is a huge step. Twitch has made it apparent they are looking for our feedback, so make sure to offer your responses to them. Let GamingLyfe know how this will impact you by leaving a comment. 

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