Arma 3 Art of War Charity DLC Live Today

In coalition with the Arma 3 community, all proceeds from the Art of War DLC will go to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to help thousands of people worldwide affected by warfare and spread awareness about International Humanitarian Law.

The DLC is available on now Steam and features a walk-in museum with fanart, as well as premium content for $1.99. Larger donations can be made at ($4.99 or $9.99), with all of Bohemia’s proceeds (after-tax) donated directly to the ICRC. If you do not currently own Arma 3 the base game and all of its other premium DLC is currently on sale via Steam, with discounts ranging between 50-75% until March 1st.

The Art of War DLC features an in-game art fanart exhibition under the theme “International Humanitarian Law in future conflict” which was submitted as part of the Arma 3 Art of War contest. Its premium package adds a special single-player combat scenario-focused around the topics of protecting cultural property in war zones and autonomous warfare. Additionally, the premium DLC features new game assets such as a formal suit, a parade uniform, a new backpack, and various t-shirts, alongside several props related to art galleries and memorials. The DLC release is complemented by a set of extra Arma 3 Steam Achievements for players to unlock.

Arma 3 Art of War DLC Features

Premium $1.99

  • Showcase Cultural Property – Experience International Humanitarian Law in action and help protect a valuable work of art in a new single-player scenario.
  • Formal Suit – Don several color combination outfits for the sharpest of dressers.
  • Parade Uniform – Equip faction-specific dress wear for formal military occasions.
  • Parade Cap – Wear matching faction-specific headgear.
  • Civilian Backpack – Carry a range of sports and everyday backpacks.


  • Showcase Art of War – Visit an exhibition on war and art, featuring impressive and award-winning community artwork.
  • Art t-Shirts – Show off new casual-themed clothing featuring a variety of designs.
  • Art Gallery Objects – Place frames and canvases in several shapes and sizes, set up your easel, or create your very own in-game dioramas.
  • Memorial Objects – Use coffins, photo portraits, folded flags, and more to pay tribute to the fallen.

Bohemia Interactive and the ICRC have collaborated on several projects such as the Arma Laws of War DLC and the Make Arma Not War modding contest. Sales of Arma 3 Laws of War have generated over $176,667 in donations.

“We value the longstanding partnership with Bohemia Interactive and the support from the larger gaming community in helping raise funds for the ICRC and convey the importance of international humanitarian law. Such a contribution will help us in our humanitarian work to aid people around the world suffering from conflicts,” said Marek Resich from the Resource Mobilization division at the ICRC.

The Art of War DLC will eventually become free to all owners of Arma 3 once the fundraising period is complete.

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