Armajet Exclusive Content and Integration Launched at Razer “Flagship // Gaming Event”

Super Bit Machine, developer of the competitive arena shooter, Armajet, is excited to announce an exclusive Razer item for players who launch Armajet through their brand new Razer Cortex mobile app as part of its ongoing strategic partnership with the gaming hardware company. The new content was playable on multiple stations demoing Armajet on the brand new Razer Phone 2 devices at the “Flagship // Gaming” event held in Hollywood, California. In conjunction with the Raiju Mobile controller announced at this event, Super Bit Machine has also announced that they will support this and other mobile controller peripherals as they seek to enhance the unique experience of playing Armajet on different platforms using top tier gaming hardware.

During the live stream keynote address with Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, Armajet was shown during the segment announcing the Razer Cortex mobile app available for Razer phone users on Google Play. This service was debuted on stage to around 500 game industry and media who gathered for the new phone launch. Super Bit Machine will award their Legendary Razer item to anyone who opens Armajet through Razer Cortex mobile, Razer’s new discovery and reward platform for premier gaming titles.

“Armajet on Razer Phone 2 looks and plays like what a serious gamer expects and wants. This is true 120Hz, 120fps gaming,” said Michael Breslin, Head of Sales & Marketing at Razer. Armajet was also featured in the keynote video highlighting the device’s advanced gaming capabilities.

Razer’s corporate ventures arm, zVentures, is a strategic investor in Super Bit Machine. This commitment supports Super Bit Machine’s mission to bring competitive multiplayer games to both the traditional PC platform and mobile devices. Earlier this summer the two companies toured major gaming conferences together to showcase Armajet on the Razer Phone and Blade PCs on a world tour including stops at Gamescom (Germany), Insomnia (UK), and PAX West (USA).

“It’s fantastic for us to have these opportunities to integrate Armajet with the Razer ecosystem.” said Alexander Krivicich, co-founder, at Super Bit Machine. “Showcasing the action-packed competitive gameplay of Armajet on the Razer Phone 2 is incredible. We’re thrilled to be featured as some of the first exclusive content on the Razer Cortex mobile platform.”

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