Assemble Entertainment is Planting Trees Around the Globe Thanks to Smash Hit Endzone – A World Apart

Today, publisher Assemble Entertainment is thrilled to announce its post-apocalyptic city-builder Endzone – A World Apart has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide since it entered Early Access on April 2, 2020, with the Save the World Edition accounting for over 22,000 of the total. Working with the eco-conscious organization One Tree Planted as an official partner, the non-profit plants a tree on behalf of Assemble Entertainment for every Save the World Edition sold. That’s a lot of trees!

The good deed is a bit tongue-in-cheek (a common theme at Assemble) since Endzone – A World Apart revolves around the destruction of the environment and civilization as we know it, but the company is committed to making a difference in the real world — one that may help to head off our very own doomsday.


“Since partnering with One Tree Planted, we haven’t looked back,” said Assemble Entertainment CEO Stefan Marcinek. “While Endzone is great fun for anyone that enjoys the city-building and management grind, it can also be considered a grim reminder of where our own environment could be headed if we don’t take action. We hope to find more ways to give back within the themes of the various games in our expanding roster.”

A total of 6,974 trees were planted for the Early Access release based on 2,974 pre-orders of the Save the World Edition, and a further 4,000 trees were planted in recognition of the successful wishlist campaign, which saw more than 125,000 steam wishlist entries collected prior to the Early Access launch.

Assemble Entertainment

Endzone – A World Apart follows a group of refugees who, more than a century after a devastating worldwide nuclear terrorist attack, are leaving their underground bunkers and rebuilding society on the surface. After 150 years of dwelling underground in bunkers called “endzones,” the Earth’s surface seems like a breath of fresh air, though that couldn’t be any further from the truth!

Until the full launch, Endzone will continue to roll out major monthly updates. Players can look forward to new buildings, upgrades, system updates, content additions, gameplay improvements, and much more leading up to the game’s launch.

Developed by Gentlymad Studios and published by Assemble Entertainment, Endzone – A World Apart is currently available in Early Access on Steam and in Development Phase on GOG. The wishlist campaign with One Tree Planted is still well underway — players that purchase the Save the World Edition will ensure another tree is planted as part of Assemble Entertainment’s ongoing mission to help restore the environment. Every noble adventure needs a great score, however, which is why the Save the World Edition also includes a copy of Endzone’s stellar soundtrack!

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