Astellia’s Headstart Begins Today at 5pm PDT (2am CEST)!

Just a quick note that today’s the day – all pre-order folks at the Legendary Pack will be let into the world of Astellia at 5pm PDT (2am CEST) today, September 20th. 

The entire Astellia team is pumped up and engaged in a flurry of activity putting on the finishing touches as we get ready to welcome everyone in-game! There’s still time to get into the headstart period, as founder packs can be bought for another 6 days. Find out more information on the times each pack gets into the servers below:

Legendary Pack
– Start Date: 9/20 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)​
Platinum Pack
– Start Date: 9/23 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)​
Gold Pack
– Start Date: 9/26 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)​
Official Launch Start
– Start Date: 9/27 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)​

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